Still chasing answers from David Lowman CEO Chase Home Lending

May 12, 2010: Having not heard back from anyone at Chase regarding my April 19, 2010 letter to David B. Lowman, CEO Chase Home Lending, even though I had a USPS Certified Mail delivery confirmation dated April 21, 2010 at 10:54 am, I decided to try sending my letter to an alternate e-mail address. I thought I’d deduced the Chase e-mail protocol and had already sent  a copy of my letter; it was not returned as undeliverable. But I’d heard nothing after almost a month, so I tried an alternate e-mail address and sent the letter to to see what might happen.  It was not returned as undeliverable, but who even knew what that meant.

Mr. David Lowman probably had someone intercepting his e-mail along with his regular mail and routing it to who knows where. I really needed answers about my loan modification.


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  1. Has anyone been able to get through to David Lowman. I received a loan modification back in July of this year after struggling for months and getting my congressman’s office involved in the process. However, that was only the beginning of my worst nightmare !! Now, I have been trying unsuccessfully for over 6 months to have my account reflect the modification documents. I have NEVER missed a payment but my account shows that I am in arrears since May of 2010 and in danger of foreclosure. When I call Chase no one knows anything, no one is authorized to do anything, nothing gets accomplished !!!!!
    I am considering hiring an attorney to sue Chase and GMAC who sold my loan to Chase when it was in modification status – isn’t that illegal when they never told Chase I had a trial modification going on?

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