Same Chase, different day

April 20, 2010: 8:05 am: Called Chase Customer Service (866) 550-5705 and spoke with Latania. We went through the drill of verifying all contact information, etc. and I asked about the status of my loan modification; she said it would take “30-60” days. This was utter nonsense; I begged for more information and Latania said that as of April 13, 2010, the loan was with Natalia Carrillo in CA; she was “the processor”. I pressed to learn what being with the processor meant and if Natalia was a decision-maker. I’m embarrassed to admit that after confirming the spelling of Natalia’s last name I seriously considered Googling her, redeeming my frequent flyer miles to fly to California, hunt her down and plead my case. But what would I do – intercept her at Starbucks on her morning coffee run? That would definitely not get my loan modified; it was crazy and it had to stop. What could I do for real? 

I realized I’d never called the Chase Home Ownership Center in Media PA after the CCCSDV meeting with Doris B. on January 5, 2010; our phone call to Jason Papa at the Chase Home Ownership Center had been unproductive. Jason Papa had said they couldn’t help because I’d submitted the modification papers directly to Chase; I’d also been told on December 15, 2009 by Roxanne at the Center in Media, PA that they “only helped people who were 31+ days past due, but maybe they were all wrong. After all, Chase had a massive Public Relations campaign surrounding the Chase Home Ownership Centers and their commitment to address the foreclosure crisis and help homeowners in need. Why hadn’t I called again? I needed to call right away.