Chasing the Underwriters at Chase Home Lending

I’m curious about “Underwriting”; it seemed to be a Bermuda Triangle at Chase, yet another example of their opaque banking procedures, but it could also be the one place to get a straight answer from Chase. Underwriting might be the black box where decisions were actually made. Here is the history of my loan modification with Chase:

  1. December 30, 2009: I was told my loan was “in Underwriting” as of 12/15/09
  2. January 20, 2010: I was again told my loan was “in Underwriting” as of 12/15/09
  3. February 23, 2010: I was told my loan was “with the Underwriter”
  4. April 5, 2010: I was told my loan was “sent to the Underwriter” on 3/1/10”
  5. April 12, 2010: I was told my loan was “with the Underwriter”

As of April 28, 2010, Natalia Carrillo Chase Home Finance (800) 848-9380 informed me my loan was not going to Underwriting until and unless a new Profit &Loss statement was submitted and a financial interview conducted.

Was my loan EVER in Underwriting (perhaps in a parallel universe)? Was Chase just like Washington Mutual – had Chase been lying to me since December 15, 2009?


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  1. I so understand your hardship. I’ve been told the same thing since the beginning of March in (2009). Now today I am told I don’t qualify for the mha mod so they will try for one of theirs in house. It could be 90-120 days more. Go Figure. I’ve been out of work over a year and my husband just went back to work a couple months ago after being off almost all of last year.

    • Hi,
      Please do not waste another minute. Go to and get someone to negotiate with Chase on your behalf. If you do not qualify for MHA, is it because your loan $ amount exceeds the guidelines in your county? That’s a problem as Chase may feel it more financially viable to foreclose on you than work with you. Do not wait the 90-120 days as you are losing precious time. Please check out this organization. They are in CA but they will help you in any state. Hang in there but don’t count on Chase to be working to help you.
      They work to satisfy the investor, not the homeowner.

      • These posts are from 2010, what about now………. has anything changed because I have been turned down twice in Nov.2011 and Jan. 2012 and now I have gotten Fannie Mae involved.
        I received a call on Saturday morning, 7/14/12 from my designated Chase specialist who told me my information was sent to the underwriters.
        So, since the states and feds made an agreement with the Chase and other Banks has anything changed or are they still playing the same delay games and I am still up shits creek without a paddle?

  2. chase has been misrepresenting their motives to me.i am a widow and the house was in my husbands name. he passed away before he changed it, but i live in arizonia so i can claim the property. for the past 11 years the payments have been made promptly until this feb 2012, when i became behind. chase would not talk to me for several months, until certain papers and documents were completed. they still have not completed the name change even though the title has been changed. as i was in contact and trying for modification, chase foreclosed on me shortly after the 3rd month. i was told i was finally in uderwriting july 9th . i was given a rep. whom i called 3+ times a week for update. each time i called i was assured that no new papers were needed. i received a letter august 9th, 2012 stating i was denied after 2 reviews because i lacked certain papers in a certain timeframe. i also want everyone to know my home was bought before the inflation and i have a good amount of equity, which chase obviously needs. i have no one to help me move and selling to get my equity is not realistic due to short sales. chase does not want to help keep people in their homes. i have equity and a short term low income yet in three weeks my house is going to be autioned off. i am still waiting for my chase specialist to return my calls.

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