How to get to Chase underwriting for a loan modification?

April 28, 7:32 PM: Natalia Carrillo called from Chase Home Finance (800) 848-9380 and after reading the “this is an attempt to collect a debt” disclaimer, she confirmed receipt of my 60-page loan modification fax. Natalia reviewed each document with me and said the “packet was complete”, but then went on to say she required a YTD Profit & Loss statement for my “freelance business” (even though my 1099 income is declared on my Federal Income Tax returns). Further, Natalia informed me that Chase needed to conduct a “financial interview”, and that until the Profit & Loss statement was received and the “financial interview” conducted, my file could not be turned over to Underwriting.

It was now over fourteen months since I initiated a Chase loan modification yet per Natalia, it was not yet in Underwriting…could this possibly be true? Chase did not seem to be helping at all…


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