Chase Home Ownership Centers have no answers

April 20, 2010, 11:21 am: Mary Beth from the Chase Home Ownership Center in Media, PA called me back and said she would like to help but my loan was “already in the system”. It was with Natalia Carrillo in CA; per Mary Beth, Natalia was either a “negotiator” or a “processor” (I couldn’t get a definitive answer from Mary Beth on this – she said she didn’t know Ms. Carrillo’s title but she knew Natalia had some seniority with Chase & had been there at least five years.) I asked a few more questions but Mary Beth could not provide answers; she said I’d need to speak with someone else and then put Jason Papa on the phone. I reminded Jason we’d spoken on January 5, 2010 while I was with Doris B. in the offices of the CCCSDV.


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