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Still Chasing answers from Chase Home Lending Executive Office

April 23, 2010, 2:38 pm: Phoned Olga Danilova at JP Morgan Chase Home Lending Executive Office; her mailbox was full and not accepting messages.

Mr. David Lowman, Chase promised loan modification answers!

April 22, 2010, 1:44 pm: I emailed a copy of my April 19, 2010 letter to David B. Lowman, CEO Chase Home Lending, even though I had a USPS Certified Mail delivery confirmation dated April 21, 2010 at 10:54 am. I really needed answers about my loan modification. It made sense to test out the Chase e-mail protocol I’d deduced and verify the David Lowman Chase contact information, so I sent David.B.Lowman@chase.com  a copy of my letter; it was not returned as undeliverable. Mr. Lowman might be like Jamie Dimon – his assistants might intercept his mail and redirect it to the Chase Home Lending Executive Office; this sort of document hand-off often resulted in problems. Of course Mr. David Lowman might also be out of the office to testify before Congress again.

Do Chase Home Ownership Centers help struggling homeowners?

April 20, 2010, 11:39 am: I was denied service at the Chase Home Ownership Center in Media, PA starting on December 15, 2009 (they would not meet with me because I “had to be 31+ days past due”), then on January 5, 2010 (they would not meet with me because my loan was “already in the system”) and again on April 22, 2010 (they would not meet with me because my loan was “already in the system”). The Chase Home Ownership Centers are not helping this struggling homeowner. I need answers about my loan modification, not more opaque banking procedures and certainly not a continuation of the predatory lending practices devised by Washington Mutual.

Chase Home Ownership Centers are not decision makers!

April 20, 2010, 11:25 am: I asked Jason Papa what the function of a Chase Home Ownership Center was and if I should drive there for a face to face meeting. He said “anybody active we can’t take”; we “originate and monitor applications” and “we are not decision makers at the Chase Home Ownership Center”; he went on to say they were a “contact point” for the consumer. He remembered my loan and requested permission to pull the file. I agreed and we talked about the situation.

I wanted clarification on “too much equity” and the 30% formula Jacqueline Ham from the Chase Home Lending Executive Office had provided on February 12, 2010. Jason said if my monthly mortgage payment was less than 31% of my monthly gross pay I would not qualify for HAMP. I reminded him my loan did not qualify for HAMP regardless, but I was asking about the equity formula, not the relationship between monthly mortgage payment and monthly salary. I also made it clear my monthly mortgage payment was far greater than 31% of my monthly gross salary. Jason was stuck on HAMP and referenced the $727,750.00 cap. (I didn’t bother to point out that in Cape May County, NJ the cut-off was $487,500.) I jumped in and said it was not about HAMP. I was asking about the Chase in-house program – I thought Chase had another program, an in-house program that he’d mentioned in our January 5, 2010 call.

Jason said I’d been denied (in August 2009) but I could always “apply again if my situation changes”. I said my situation had changed; my savings were depleted and I was pursuing the 12/11/09 loan modification application allegedly underway. I said an interior appraisal had been done on 4/1/10. Only then did Jason realize what I was talking about and he said he could not help me. I persevered and asked about a face-to-face meeting with a decision-maker; Jason said “no one meets with the decision-makers” (Nobody gets in to see the Wizard, not nobody, no how!) and the decision-makers “don’t write a lot of letters”; “they only send one when the decision is made”.

Based on my attempts to get a copy of the denial letter allegedly sent 6/30/09 and/or 8/25/09 for my 2/24/09 modification, I knew this was true. Chase put as little as possible in writing, thus continuing the opaque banking practices and predatory lending schemes devised by Washington Mutual.  I thanked Jason for his time and we ended the call.

Chase Home Ownership Centers have no answers

April 20, 2010, 11:21 am: Mary Beth from the Chase Home Ownership Center in Media, PA called me back and said she would like to help but my loan was “already in the system”. It was with Natalia Carrillo in CA; per Mary Beth, Natalia was either a “negotiator” or a “processor” (I couldn’t get a definitive answer from Mary Beth on this – she said she didn’t know Ms. Carrillo’s title but she knew Natalia had some seniority with Chase & had been there at least five years.) I asked a few more questions but Mary Beth could not provide answers; she said I’d need to speak with someone else and then put Jason Papa on the phone. I reminded Jason we’d spoken on January 5, 2010 while I was with Doris B. in the offices of the CCCSDV.

Need Chase loan modification answers? Chase Home Ownership Centers don’t have them…

April 20, 2010, 10:02 am: I called the Chase Home Ownership Center in Media, PA (610) 892-6620 and spoke with Mary Beth to see if I could come in and what exactly it was they did there. She suggested phoning the Chase Customer Service number from the Borrowers’ Assistance form (866) 550-5705; when I told her they had no answers she suggested calling Chase Imminent Default (888) 708-3336 and then Chase Loss Mitigation at (800) 446-8939. I told Mary Beth I’d tried all those places but could not get answers.

I asked again about what exactly the Chase Home Ownership Center did; Mary Beth hedged and said she’d need to check with a Loan Advisor. She took my loan number and phone number and said to expect a call back later in the day. I said I’d be in the area the next day and I’d really like to make an appointment to come in, or even just drop in, but could I please understand the function of the Chase Home Ownership Centers? Mary Beth said they were “home ownership advisors” or “modification advisors”. As we chatted it became obvious she could not help me, although she wanted to be helpful. She said everyone was in a meeting learning new systems, but someone would call me back.

Chasing answers from the Chase Home Ownership Center

April 20, 2010, 8:10 am: I called the Chase Home Ownership Center in Media, PA (610) 892-6620 and got the same recording I’d heard on December 14, 2009: their hours were Monday – Thursday 10 -7; Friday 9-6 and Saturday 9-1. I checked the website to learn more about the Chase Homeownership Centers; I had to be in Glen Mills, PA the next day, which I thought was pretty near Media, PA; maybe I could schedule an appointment.

Chase had opened 49 Home Ownership Centers – promising. Per the web site Opening Chase Homeownership Centers across the country reflects our commitment to helping families stay in their homes whenever possible. Now, struggling customers can visit the centers to meet face to face with loan advisors to talk about their situation.” This was pretty encouraging because I’d been trying for almost fourteen months to meet face to face with a loan advisor and work out a solution. I beat myself up for not calling sooner and could hardly wait until 10:00 am.

Same Chase, different day

April 20, 2010: 8:05 am: Called Chase Customer Service (866) 550-5705 and spoke with Latania. We went through the drill of verifying all contact information, etc. and I asked about the status of my loan modification; she said it would take “30-60” days. This was utter nonsense; I begged for more information and Latania said that as of April 13, 2010, the loan was with Natalia Carrillo in CA; she was “the processor”. I pressed to learn what being with the processor meant and if Natalia was a decision-maker. I’m embarrassed to admit that after confirming the spelling of Natalia’s last name I seriously considered Googling her, redeeming my frequent flyer miles to fly to California, hunt her down and plead my case. But what would I do – intercept her at Starbucks on her morning coffee run? That would definitely not get my loan modified; it was crazy and it had to stop. What could I do for real? 

I realized I’d never called the Chase Home Ownership Center in Media PA after the CCCSDV meeting with Doris B. on January 5, 2010; our phone call to Jason Papa at the Chase Home Ownership Center had been unproductive. Jason Papa had said they couldn’t help because I’d submitted the modification papers directly to Chase; I’d also been told on December 15, 2009 by Roxanne at the Center in Media, PA that they “only helped people who were 31+ days past due, but maybe they were all wrong. After all, Chase had a massive Public Relations campaign surrounding the Chase Home Ownership Centers and their commitment to address the foreclosure crisis and help homeowners in need. Why hadn’t I called again? I needed to call right away. 

Mr. David Lowman, Chase promises loan modification answers…

April 19, 2010, 4:47 pm: I decide to write a letter to Mr. David B. Lowman, CEO Chase Home Lending, and take him up on his testimony before the House Committee on Financial Services. In addition to the letter I outline my attempts to get loan modification answers in a nineteen page enclosure and send it to Chase Home Lending CEO Mr. David Lowman via Certified Mail, copying Jamie Dimon, Chase CEO; Senator Frank Lautenberg; Senator Robert Menendez; Congressman Frank LoBiondo and Philadelphia Inquirer real estate columnist Alan J. Heavens. Mr. Lowman promised answers; after almost fourteen months of trying to play by Chase’s ever-changing and secret rules, I need an end to opaque banking procedures and I need straight answers. This predatory loan originated by Washington Mutual and serviced by Chase must be modified.

Chase, I need answers and a loan modification!

April 19, 2010, 8:40 am: Received an e-mail from Olga Danilova at Chase Home Lending Executive Office:
Hello Ms. Wright, I have not received a response on your account from our loss mitigation area. But from what I can tell your account is still being reviewed. Thank you.

I freaked out; I could see what was going to happen: I’d get one e-mail a week from Olga with no news and in the meantime, Chase would continue the predatory loan practices devised by Washington Mutual and foreclose. I had to get answers. I’d written my congressman, my state senators, even Jamie Dimon at JP Morgan Chase, and a case had been opened with the Comptroller of the Currency. What else could I do?

I searched the internet for answers and stumbled upon the testimony of Mr. David Lowman, Chase Home Lending CEO, before the House Committee on Financial Services April 13, 2010; he said that people seeking answers from Chase should come to him. I don’t have a television and I’d not heard this offer on the radio or read it in the newspaper – I can’t believe it’s true, but it is. I saw the testimony myself.