The continuing chase for a Chase loan modification

January 13, 2010, 9:00 am: I called Chase (866) 550-5705 and spoke with Amy who indicated the loan modification application was still in review and Chase was not requesting any additional information at this time. She confirmed it went in on 12/15/09 and that it takes 60 days. I told her I could not make my February payment. She said they could do nothing; they needed to hear back from the loan modification team regarding a decision. I asked again about the copies of the 6/30/09 and 8/25/09 denial letters and was transferred to Imminent Default. I listened to a message that Chase was “experiencing a high volume of calls.” I waited on hold then spoke with Jeannine. She offered to e-mail a request to her supervisor that copies of the letters be sent. I said this was the third request; I needed to speak with a supervisor. She said his name was Jason Coates and he was not in, she would send him a message to call me on my cell phone and confirmed the number. Jason never called.

What to do? I thought I could make my February payment but my spreadsheet cash flow calculations were based on getting another one-month summer rental while I was away on business. What if I had no house to rent? The folks who’d rented from me the last two seasons would have paid a deposit, and that deposit would have in turn paid the mortgage, but how could I in good conscience take their deposit to pay Chase when I might not have a home? This would not do.

I would have to miss the February payment. I was a bad person now, the very sort of bad person I’d marveled at months before, the sort of person who did not pay their mortgage; the sort of person who destroyed their credit rating. The sort of person who lost their home. Boy, I hoped I was not that kind of person. Hope, however, is not action, so I took action. I wrote my Senators and my Congressman, and I wrote to Jamie Dimon, again.


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  1. You are definitely not a bad person. I’m so proud that you are taking action and at the same time so sad that it has been horrendous! If you need any help or contacts, let me know. We are all rooting for you 🙂

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