Inside The Box

Please explain:

In May 2008 my salary was reduced by 50%. I have supplemented my income with freelance work but am unable to obtain full-time employment at my original salary or supplement enough to reach my original salary and honor my mortgage obligation.

I continue to seek full-time employment at my old salary without success.

I am only able to make payments by using savings; those savings will soon be depleted.

I seek a reduction in interest and a modification to a fixed 30-year mortgage. This will enable me time to obtain higher-paying employment and allow my savings to last longer to meet my mortgage obligation. I have no desire to sell my home.  

I moved on to Number 10. “Would you prefer to keep your home or sell it?” I checked Keep my home.  Number 12. “Do you have any other loans on the home?” I checked No. I completed the remainder of the form, painting the best possible picture about how much my home was worth, how little I owed relative to its value and how frugally I lived. Then I gathered the requisite paperwork (a full 34 pages) and headed out to make copies and send my application by Certified Mail to WaMu Home Preservation. It was February 18, 2009.

On February 24, 2009 I phoned WaMu. The packet had been received. A file would be created, reviewed and checked for missing items. Then, a processor would be assigned. I was advised to call back in 7-10 days.