Taking Care of Business

Chase is in business and I’m a businessperson. I remembered years ago when a business I worked for ran into financial trouble. Our cash flow wouldn’t cover the bills and we feared our creditors would shut us down. For days, weeks and months I made phone call after phone call to each vendor we owed and told them we acknowledged the debt, we did not dispute the debt and we intended to pay the debt, but we needed to work out a payment plan. It was a humbling experience but we worked through it, paying small amounts each week until all of the debts were cleared. Many of those vendors stuck with us for years to follow. Surely Chase would stand by me if I could just work out a payment plan. I needed to talk with someone at Chase.

December 10, 2009, 6:45 pm: I called Chase and spoke with Sheila about pursuing a loan modification. I wanted to work out a payment plan that would both satisfy Chase and allow me to keep my home. Sheila advised that on 6/30/09 I’d been denied a loan modification due to “lack of hardship”. I told Sheila I’d never received a denial letter or any other letter of any kind from Chase/WaMu. I asked if she could fax me a copy of the denial letter and was told she could not do so. I persisted and was transferred to Chris in Loss Mitigation. Chris said a letter was sent on 8/25/09 saying I do not qualify for the Making Homes Affordable program as my “equity exceeds loan guidelines”. I asked Chris for a copy of this letter since I’d never received any letters about anything related to my application for a loan modification, in fact, the only evidence I’d even applied for a modification were my own copies, fax confirmations, postage receipts and phone records.

It could have been a dream sequence although it had really been a nightmare.

I asked Chris if he could fax a copy of the letter. “No”. Could e-mail a copy of the letter, perhaps a pdf? “No”. I offered to send a stamped, self-addressed envelope so he could send a copy at no cost but was again rebuffed. I told him I really needed a copy of the letter – I wanted to show my congressman. I went on to say I was recording the call (meaning I was taking notes) and he said “then I’m going to have to hang up” and he did.


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