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Letters to David Lowman CEO Chase Home Lending Division

April 19, 2010 

Mr. David B. Lowman

CEO, Home Lending Division

JP Morgan Chase & Co.

270 Park Avenue, 38th Floor

New York, NY 10017 

Re: Chase Loan 0*********/OCC Case # 01110250

Dear Mr. Lowman,

I’d like to take you up on your offer made during the House Committee on Financial Services hearing Tuesday April 13, 2010 regarding Financial Mitigation Programs, where you said folks who were not getting answers from Chase regarding a mortgage modification should come to you”. Since February 24, 2009 I’ve tried to get in front of my financial situation and work with Chase to honor my mortgage obligation by renegotiating the loan. Fourteen months and $66,000 later I can unequivocally state that Chase is not giving answers or loan modifications.

This is my primary and only mortgage; there is no second lien and I have no other debt. I am not underwater in the loan nor do I seek a reduction of principal. I request only a reduction in interest rate to 2% or an extension to a 40-year term at a 3% interest rate.

I am available to meet with you or a designated authorized decision-making loan officer any time for a face-to-face to meeting to work out a plan that will satisfy Chase and allow me to stay in my home. Complete detail of all communication with Chase from February 2009 to date is attached; hard copies & telephone records provided upon request. I can be reached at (***) ***-**** or by e-mail at ********@yahoo.com. I look forward to speaking with you.

Respectfully yours, 

Martha Wright 

cc: Senator Frank Lautenberg; Senator Bob Menendez; Representative Frank LoBiondo; Comptroller of the Currency, Houston, TX; Mr. Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan Chase; Alan Heavens, Philadelphia Inquirer; Ms. Doris B., Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Delaware Valley, Philadelphia, PA

Detailed Timeline of my attempts to get answers from Chase:

February 18, 2009: Mailed Borrower’s Assistance documents to Washington Mutual

February 24, 2009: Phoned WaMu and confirmed the packet had been received. A file would be created, reviewed and checked for missing items. Then, a processor would be assigned. I was advised to call back in 7-10 days.

March 6, 2009 at 9:00 am: Phoned WaMu and spoke with Juan Carolos (sp.). Per Juan, “WaMu is hiring and training people. They are getting about 150 requests a day. As of today’s date it has not yet been assigned.”  Juan estimated it would be reviewed by Friday 3/13/09 and suggested I call back then.

March 13, 2009 at 9:20 am: Phoned WaMu and spoke with Margie. Per Margie, it’s “going to be a 97-day turnaround from when the negotiator gets it” and it “should have been assigned.” Margie confirmed that nothing appeared to be missing and could not understand why it hadn’t been assigned; she then gave me a priority number to fax in my 34-page packet, even though it had been received already. When I asked her what a reasonable time frame was to follow-up, she said they would contact me within 48 hours and reconfirmed my cell phone number.

March 13, 2009: Faxed WaMu the 34-page packet that had been submitted by mail and confirmed as received.

48 hours elapsed with no calls from WaMu.

March 17, 2009 at 8:50 am: Phoned WaMu and spoke with Kathy. The paperwork had been received on March 16, 2009 and forwarded to an “opener”. It goes to an opener first and is then assigned to a negotiator; that can take up to seven days (3/26/09). I pressed Kathy on what happened to my original submission, the one I mailed in, because we were losing time and each day counted; she said she would open up a Work Order for the original submission and indicated that once the Work Order was opened, they would contact me within 48 hours. Kathy said the whole process should take 30 to 60 days and that they were averaging 66 days.

48 hours elapsed with no calls from WaMu.

March 20, 2009 at 10:00 am: Phoned WaMu and spoke with Kristen. Per Kristen, “on March 16, 2009, the packet was forwarded to C. Hodges” (an opener) for research and to be assigned. “Escalation is looking into what happened to the 2/24/09 submission.” I will either get a phone call or a letter in the mail regarding more info needed or that they are working on it. Kristen suggested calling in 3/31/09 to follow-up.

March ended with no calls from WaMu.

April 3, 2009 at 11:20 am: Phoned WaMu and spoke with Amber. Per Amber, on 3/31/09 a loss mitigation file was set up and the negotiator (a Stanley Saintil-Deli (sp.) had been assigned and he’d left a note in the account requesting that I provide copies of my last two years of income tax returns and verification of the freelance income I was reporting. She said a letter had been sent to me requesting this information.

No letter was ever received.

April 6, 2009 at 9:00 am:  Phoned WaMu and spoke with Kimberly and told her I had spoken with Amber on 4/3/09 and I had still not received a letter telling me where to send the requested documents. Kimberly insisted a letter had been sent and gave me a fax number to submit my documents.

April 7, 2009 at 10:00 am: Faxed WaMu the requested documents.

April 8, 2009 at 8:14 am:  Phoned WaMu and spoke with Kyle. I wanted to follow-up on receipt of the fax but per Kyle, they “are swamped” and I must allow WaMu 7-14 business days to receive a fax; I could try calling back on 4/14/09.

April 13, 2009 at 8:49 am:  Phoned WaMu and spoke with Kathy. I asked her to verify that a letter had been sent to me and to confirm receipt of the fax. Kathy alleged a letter had been sent via USPS and “the file is still open which means they must have the fax.” She advised it was now taking 79 days from when the negotiator gets it to completion. I asked to speak to the modification officer and was advised she could no longer transfer calls. I then reviewed with Kathy the entire timeline starting with WaMu’s confirmed receipt of the 2/24/09 packet and said I never got a letter acknowledging anything was happening; no one had ever gotten back to me about anything and the only way I knew additional documents were required was by repeated phone calls. I asked if I might get something in writing indicating they were working on my case. She indicated that the file went to the negotiator on 3/31/09 and confirmed my cell phone number as the correct way to reach me. It was not a friendly or productive call.

April 17, 2009 at 3:36 pm: Phoned WaMu and spoke with Paula. Per Paula, they forwarded the faxed info to the negotiators on 4/15/09 and it should take 68 days. Per Paula, the negotiator is still Stanley Saintil-Del (sp.). I should call back every week or two to check on the status.

April 23, 2009 at 9:15 am:  Phoned WaMu and spoke with Kathy who said there was “nothing new to report at this time.” The negotiator is working on it and the time frame is now 69 days from 3/31/09.

April 30, 2009 at 1:40 pm: Phoned WaMu and spoke with Kim who asked if I was just checking in on my loan modification today. Per Kim, the timeline does not start until the file is sent to a negotiator and that it would take 76 days from 3/31/09. I asked if there was anything I could do or if there had been any change since 4/15/09 and Kim said it is frustrating and she understands but there was “nothing I could do at this point.”

May 8, 2009 at 12:55 pm: Phoned WaMu and spoke with Amber. Now that they have received the “missing” information, as of 4/15/09 they have 28 business days to assign to a negotiator as the package is now “complete”.  It will go to a different negotiator and within the 28 days I will be contacted. 

May 20, 2009 at 8:45 am: Phoned WaMu/Chase on and spoke with Julie. She indicated my loan was assigned to modification officer Brandon Upton on 5/13/09 and it would take 77 days from then. Per Julie, no file was opened until 3/31/09 and anything related to my 2/24/09 submission and all prior communications were null and void. Stanley Saintil-Deli (sp.) may have been an “opener”. I will receive a form letter telling me they are looking at the loan and considering my request for a modification.

No letter was ever received.

May 20, 2009 at 3:35 pm: I received a call on my landline, not the cell phone number I had provided to WaMu/Chase as my sole contact telephone number. It was Rich Naylor calling to tell me Brandon Upton is a processor. Rich Naylor was in charge of doing the review and my loan was no longer in Loss Mitigation, it was now in the Imminent Default department. The package was considered incomplete as of 5/13/09 and would not be looked at until all updated and additional material was provided.

Rich directed me to the web site and told me to download the forms and submit all of the requested information. This site featured a Borrower’s Assistance Form with a lengthy checklist.  Rich also requested:

– Updated/current utility bills showing proof of residency

– 2 pay stubs or 30 days worth of pay documents

– 2008 income tax returns

– Documentation of all assets

– Recent bank statements

– Profit & Loss Statement

– Monthly Budget

All were to be faxed to the Imminent Default department and should be mailed as well. Upon receipt of all documents, the loan would go to review and then be assigned to an underwriter, after which it would take 30-40 days. WaMu, now Chase wanted a complete resubmission of my loan modification request.   

May 26, 2009: I mailed the requested documents (54 pages) to WaMu Imminent Default.

May 29, 2009: I confirmed the packet had been delivered at 8:51 am via Certified Mail.

June 5, 2009 at 9:55 am: Phoned Chase/WaMu and spoke with Hank who had fond memories of vacationing in Avalon, NJ. Hank confirmed my re-submission fax was received on 6/3/09 and that the loan modification clock starts anew. Hank advised there was nothing for me to do but “be patient and pay my mortgage”. The government had changed all the programs in March and the programs change daily; his department had only been established on May 1, 2009. Hank assured me they are working on it and said it was okay to call back and check in every week.

June 12, 2009 at 9:35 am: Phoned Chase/WaMu on and endured a recorded collection message informing me this was an attempt to collect a debt. Note: I had never been late nor had I missed a payment. After the message played I was put on hold for ten minutes when Kim Bryant picked up. Kim’s sole purpose appeared to be to transfer me and introduce me to someone who could answer my questions. I then spoke with Adam who noted I’d called before. Adam confirmed receipt of my 6/3/09 fax and advised that all paperwork was in hand, WaMu had a “complete” package. Adam said I should have an “update” by end of month; it’s taking 20-25 days for an “update”. I pressed him on what an update meant and he said deny, modify, etc.

June 23, 2009 at 10:30 am: Phoned Chase/WaMu on and spoke with Brad who advised that as of 6/15/09 the loan was in the Imminent Default department and I should be calling a different number. Per Brad the loan had been assigned to Brad Upton – I could see this conversation was going nowhere and asked to speak to someone in Imminent Default. I was transferred to Troy who told me the files had been “sent to Guardian to microfiche” and that should take a week. They are taking pictures of documents and basically my loan is still in the review process. There was nothing he could tell me and nothing I could do. Brad was in Loss Mitigation, now I was talking to Imminent Default and they do not share names. Troy terminated the call by hanging up on me.

July 3, 2009 at 9:30 am: Phoned Chase/WaMu on and spoke with Chris. After verifying all of my contact information Chris advised me that my loan modification request was reviewed two days ago and I did not qualify due to the amount of equity I have in the house. I do not meet the interior department guidelines. A letter of denial has been sent and I may certainly re-apply if “my situation changes” or maybe, he said, I ought to consider selling as they are open to a short sale. He then terminated the call.

July 2009 to November 2009: No letter from Chase/WaMu regarding a loan modification application, review or denial ever arrived.

December 10, 2009, 6:45 pm: I called Chase and spoke with Sheila about pursuing a loan modification. I wanted to work out a payment plan that would both satisfy Chase and allow me to keep my home. Sheila advised that on 6/30/09 I’d been denied a loan modification due to “lack of hardship”. I told Sheila I’d never received a denial letter or any other letter of any kind from Chase/WaMu. I asked if she could fax me a copy of the denial letter and was told she could not do so. I persisted and was transferred to Chris in Loss Mitigation. Chris said a letter was sent on 8/25/09 saying I do not qualify for the Making Homes Affordable program as my “equity exceeds loan guidelines”. I asked Chris for a copy of this letter since I’d never received any letters about anything related to my application for a loan modification, in fact, the only evidence I’d even applied for a modification were my own copies, fax confirmations, postage receipts and phone records. I asked Chris if he could fax a copy of the letter. “No”. Could he e-mail a copy of the letter, perhaps a pdf? “No”. I offered to send a stamped, self-addressed envelope so he could send a copy at no cost but was again rebuffed. I told him I really needed a copy of the letter – I wanted to show my congressman. I went on to say I was recording the call (meaning I was taking notes) and he said “then I’m going to have to hang up” and he did. 

December 11, 2009, 11:15 am: I went to the Chase site and downloaded the Homeowner’s Information Packet. I submitted another request for a loan modification. I sent a 46 page packet by Priority Mail and paid for Delivery Confirmation: I also faxed the same 46 pages to the fax number provided.

December 14, 2009, 10:40 am: Consumer Credit and Budget Counseling in Marmora, NJ gave me the telephone number for the Chase Home Ownership Center in Media, PA (610) 892-6620.

December 14, 2009, 4:11 pm: I called the Chase Home Ownership Center several times throughout the day but there was no answer, the system was busy, etc. Finally my call to the Chase Home Ownership Center in Media, PA (610) 892-6620 went to a voice mail box. The outbound message stated the hours were Monday – Thursday 10 -7; Friday 9-6 and Saturday 9-1. I left a voice mail with my account number and phone number and said I wanted to make an appointment with a loan officer; I wanted to work out a way to honor my mortgage obligation. 

December 15, 2009, 10:15 am: I called the Chase Home Ownership Center in Media, PA (610) 892-6620 and spoke with Roxanne. I requested an appointment with a loan officer and was advised they “can’t help me”. They deal only with people who are 31+ days past due. I need to call “another department” (866) 550-5705 (the number for Customer Service from the Borrower’s Assistance form). I pressed her to make an appointment and she said they were advisors for a loan modification, I MUST be past due! They can’t talk to me!

December 15, 2009, 10:25 am: I needed an advocate so I sought credit counseling. Consumer Credit and Budget Counseling in Marmora, NJ was convenient, but they would only help if I was past due. I called other resources and soon found the agencies were all swamped. The first available appointment I could get anywhere was Tuesday, January 5, 2010 at 9 am, with the Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Delaware Valley in Camden, NJ.

December 15, 2009, 10:34 am: I called Chase (866) 550-5705, the number for Making Homes Affordable and spoke with Stewart who advised “all systems are down”; call back in an hour.

December 15, 2009, 11:45 am: I called Chase (866) 550-5705 and spoke with Jillian. I asked for a copy of the denial letter dated 6/30/09. Jillian could not provide this but she offered to read the content to me and said I was ineligible as the “L.T.V. was less than 80%”. As she read the notes to me she freely admitted she did not understand them. Jillian confirmed Chase had received my new application for a home loan modification on 12/11/09 and that it was with the technical team who was looking to see if all of the required information was there. “This can take a few days or up to two weeks”.

I pressed for more information and was transferred to Mary in Imminent Default. Mary said Chase required a one-line statement that I do not pay condo or homeowner association fees and that line 6 on my tax request form needed completion; she could accept a verbal approval on that but I was to fax the “missing” document and be sure to note my loan number on the document. I again requested a copy of my 6/30/09 denial letter; Mary said she could see an 8/25/09 letter but no 6/30/09 letter – she would send an e-mail to request a copy be re-sent to me. Mary indicated that loan modification reviews were taking 30-60 days and I should follow up every 7-10 business days. We ended the call.  I then faxed (866) 282-5682 a one-page document indicating I did not pay condo or homeowners association fees on my home.    

December 16, 2009, 11:54 am: I called Chase (866) 550-5705 and spoke with Tony who confirmed Chase had all the necessary documents including the verbal tax form release and the fax about no condo fees. Tony then transferred me to Imminent Default. I spoke with Sandra and again requested a copy of the 6/30/09 or 8/25/09 denial letter. I asked Sandra to read the letters to me and she said I was ineligible due to L.T.V., my “loan to value was too much” and I had “too much” cash reserves (more than three months). Sandra said she’d send the letter again; it should take 7-10 days.

December 17, 2009, 11:30 am: Chase was not going to work with me in the face of “too much equity” but the Chase web site offered attractively low interest rates and encouraged one to refinance. If Chase thought my financial situation was so great, surely they help me to refinance. I called (800)-873-6577 and responded to the prompts. Yes, I was an existing customer and yes I could key in my loan number. I was directed to Cynthia, a debt collector. She did not know why I was sent to her as I was current on the loan. I told her I wanted to refinance. Cynthia said she’d try to send me to the right place and gave me the number (877) 835-3019 just in case. We were disconnected.

I then called (877) 835-3019 and spoke with Kathy, who took my qualifying information “before turning me over to a loan officer”. After taking my information she advised that it would be impossible for me to refinance at this time as Chase was running 90-120 days behind on processing. She couldn’t offer me anything nor would she accept an application from me. In fact, Chase had selected QuickenLoans to handle the massive volume of inquiries they were getting. I was then transferred to QuickenLoans, where I spoke with Bryan, Executive Banker. (480) 346-0551. Bryan reviewed my financial situation and said that based on my salary, he could offer nothing.

December 17, 2009, 2:00 pm: I called Chase (866) 550-5705 and spoke with Customer Care Professional Tammy. Per Tammy, Chase had received all the information and it looks like file is being reviewed. The status is active and still in process. When they make a decision I will be contacted by mail. It’s normally taking 30- 60 days. I asked if my account had been assigned to a negotiator and realized Tammy was clueless. Tammy admitted she could not answer specific questions and would need to transfer me to Imminent Default (888)708-3336. I was transferred and heard the recorded message “We’re sorry, we cannot continue with this call. Please hang up.” I was then disconnected.  

December 17, 2009, 2:04 pm: I called Chase Imminent Default (888) 708-3336 and was transferred to debt collection and heard the recorded message: we are “experiencing a high volume of calls and apologize for the wait”. I stayed on hold for 27 minutes with no messaging of any kind other than assorted clicks; finally I decided to hang up.

December 30, 2009, 10:32 am: I called Chase (866) 550-5705 and spoke with Amy. Per Amy there was nothing to report. The loan modification request went to underwriting on 12/15/09 and no additional information was required at this time. It’s running 45-60 days. I then asked again about getting copies of the 6/30/09 and 8/25/09 denial letters. Amy said she couldn’t even “open” or read the 6/30/09 letter as it was “too old”. She could read the 8/25/09 letter; it said I was turned down because my “property equity exceeds program guidelines”. Amy would also check with a supervisor about how I might get a copy.

Amy transferred me to the Imminent Default department as they were processing the past letters so maybe they could provide a copy of the letter(s). I spoke with Oleg in Imminent Default who advised my Chase loan modification was in underwriting. I told him that was not my question and asked for copies of letters. Oleg tried to send me back to Customer Service but I insisted on speaking to a supervisor. Oleg transferred me to Kevin Strubble, whose mailbox was full and not accepting messages. I hung up.

January 5, 2010, 9:00 am: I kept my appointment with the Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Delaware Valley in the Camden, NJ office. My counselor, Doris Berdecia, was extremely professional during our two hour meeting. She said they usually help individuals complete and submit their paperwork – the same paperwork I had already submitted three times! She told me about the Chase Home Ownership Center in Media, PA – I  told her I had phoned them on December 15, 2009 and they had refused to  speak to me because my mortgage payment  was not yet 31 days past due. Doris assured me she would be able to get through to them, and right then proceeded to call her contact Jason Papa at the Chase Home Ownership Center.  Jason Papa also stated that he could offer no help until the 31 day delinquent mark, and further informed us that I had “too much equity” in my home. When pressed to clarify what exactly that meant, his reply was, “programs change all the time,” and, “you are back in for loan review so I cannot help you or comment on your loan.” Jason told us to call Chase (866) 550-5705.

Next, Doris and I called the Chase loan modification line (866) 550-5705. We first spoke with Barb and confirmed all paperwork had been received and was in good order, and then asked to be transferred to the Imminent Default Department.  After 25 minutes on hold, we were disconnected. We called Imminent Default back on (888) 708-3336, and were again put on hold. After 35 minutes we finally had to disconnect because my two-hour appointment was over!

January 13, 2010, 9:00 am: I called Chase (866) 550-5705 and spoke with Amy who indicated the loan modification application was still in review and Chase was not requesting any additional information at this time. She confirmed it went in on 12/15/09 and that it takes 60 days. I told her I could not make my February payment. She said they could do nothing; they needed to hear back from the loan modification team regarding a decision. I asked again about the copies of the 6/30/09 and 8/25/09 denial letters and was transferred to Imminent Default. I listened to a message that Chase was “experiencing a high volume of calls.” I waited on hold 4 minutes then spoke with Jeannine. She offered to e-mail a request to her supervisor that copies of the letter(s) be sent. I said this was the third request; I needed to speak with a supervisor. She said his name was Jason Coates and he was not in, she would send him a message to call me on my cell phone and confirmed the number. 

January 15, 2010: I received a letter dated January 12, 2010 from Chase Home Finance. Jacqueline Ham, a Home Lending Executive Office Analyst in the Home Lending Executive Office, indicating she was “investigating” the issue.

January 20, 2010, 10:15 am: Phoned Jacqueline Ham in response to the January 12, 2010 letter and left a voice mail.

January 21, 2010, 9:50 am: Phoned Jacqueline Ham again in response to the January 12, 2010 letter; her voice mail was full and not accepting messages.

January 22, 2010, 11:45 am: Phoned Jacqueline Ham in response to the January 12, 2010 letter and left a voice mail.

January 20, 2010, 11:47 am: Phoned Chase (866) 550-5705 and spoke with Mindy who verified all information and advised the loan was currently “under review”; all paperwork was in place. Mindy offered to transfer me to Imminent Default. I said yes, and was put on hold after hearing “Your call will be answered by next available representative. We are experiencing a high call volume…” after 20 minutes on hold I listened to another “this is an attempt to collect a debt” announcement and  then spoke with John who told me that on 12/15/09 the loan was put in underwriting review status. No final decision had been made and at this point it was taking 30-60 days; I should check back once a week. I told him I could not make the February payment and I needed answers. He said he appreciated my honesty but I just needed to wait for an answer.

January 27, 2010, 11:35 am: Phoned Jacqueline Ham in response to the January 12, 2010 letter and left a voice mail.

January 28, 2010, 8:35 am: Phoned Jacqueline Ham in response to the January 12, 2010 letter and left a voice mail.

January 28, 2010, 3:45 pm: Jacqueline Ham phoned me. We discussed what it meant to be denied a modification for “too much” equity and how I might get a copy of my denial letters. Jacqueline committed to send a letter recapping the 8/25/09 denial based on: property exceeds guidelines/too much equity. Jacqueline said I should call the Chase Home Ownership Center in Media, PA on March 2, 2010 once I was officially 31 days late and try to schedule a March 3, 2010 appointment rather than wait until 3/18/10 as I’d planned. I asked her what the guidelines were regarding “too much equity”. Was it a dollar amount or a percentage? Because if I had too much equity in 8/09, why would it be any different now? Was there a number one had to be above or below? She said these were good questions; she would ask and get back to me Tuesday 2/2/10 at the latest with answers. I asked what other modification programs there were beyond Obama’s Making Homes Affordable and she said there was only one. She also noted I was still in Loan Review and she asked that it be escalated.

February 2, 2010 9:00 am: Phoned Jacqueline Ham to follow up on our January 28, 2010 conversation and get answers on my denial, the equity formula and the status of my modification request. She was not available. I left a detailed voice mail.

February 4, 2010 9:15 am: Phoned Jacqueline Ham to follow up on our January 28, 2010 conversation and get answers on my denial, the equity formula and the status of my modification request. She was not available. I left a detailed voice mail.

February 5, 2010 8:30 am: Phoned Jacqueline Ham to follow up on our January 28, 2010 conversation and get answers on my denial, the equity formula and the status of my modification request. Her mailbox was full and not accepting messages.

February 5, 2010 11:30 am: Phoned Jacqueline Ham to follow up on our January 28, 2010 conversation and get answers on my denial, the equity formula and the status of my modification request. She was not available. I left a detailed voice mail.

February 9, 2010 10:45 am: Phoned Jacqueline Ham to follow up on our January 28, 2010 conversation and get answers on my denial, the equity ratios and the status of my modification request. She was not available. I left a detailed voice mail.

February 10, 2010 10:30 am: Phoned Jacqueline Ham to follow up on our January 28, 2010 conversation and get answers on my denial, the equity ratios and the status of my modification request. She was not available. I left a detailed voice mail.

February 12, 2010 8:15 am: Phoned Jacqueline Ham to follow up on our January 28, 2010 conversation and get answers on my denial, the equity formula and the status of my modification request. She was not available. I left a detailed voice mail.

February 12, 2010 10:00 am: Phoned Chase (866) 550-5705 and was advised my loan was still in review. I asked to be transferred to Imminent Default and was disconnected.

February 12, 2010 3:45 pm: Jacqueline Ham phoned me and advised that loan equity guidelines are based on a percentage and that 30% is the limit for equity. At 30% or even 29% equity, Chase would not modify the loan. She had no status update on my loan modification request.

February 15, 2010, 9:00 am: I had a follow-up appointment with Doris Berdecia at the Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Delaware Valley in the Philadelphia, PA office. (It had been scheduled the week prior but was rescheduled due to snow) We called Chase and confirmed all paperwork was in hand and learned that Tannette McCray was handling my loan. We got her e-mail Tannette.x.McCray@jpmchase.com and asked to speak with her but were denied. Doris updated my file and indicated there was little we could do but wait for an answer from Chase; she asked me to e-mail Tannette and keep her in the loop on my correspondence.

February 23, 2010 1:00 pm: Phoned Jacqueline Ham to follow-up on the status of my loan modification request. Her outbound message indicated she was out of the office 2/18-2/25/10; her mailbox was full and not accepting messages.

February 23, 2010 1:01 pm: Phoned Chase (866) 550-5705 and spoke with Carrie. My loan modification application was still in review. It was with the underwriter and waiting for a BPO (Broker’s Price Order) aka an appraisal. As of 2/19/10, Chase wanted to pull a credit report on me and needed my date of birth; allegedly they had sent a letter requesting this information. I verbally provided my date of birth. Carrie indicated that Tannette McCray was a “processor” then qualified that by saying “that’s just the coding in the computer”. Carrie did not understand why they were pulling a credit report and asked if I wished to be transferred to an analyst. I said yes and that ideally I’d like to speak with Tannette. She indicated that I could ask to speak with her and transferred me. Immediately a message came on “We’re sorry, we cannot continue to process your call” and disconnected me.

No letter was ever received.

February 23, 2010 1:01 pm: Phoned Chase (866) 550-5705 again and spoke with Tony. I reiterated the conversation I’d just had and he said he would transfer me to an analyst. Immediately the same message came on “We’re sorry, but we cannot continue to process your call” and disconnected me.

February 23, 2010 1:05 pm: Phoned Chase (866) 550-5705 yet again and spoke with a different Tony and filled him in on the disconnects and the message. He said he would effect the transfer…and stay on the line until it actually happened. I then spoke with Dwayne who verified he needed my date of birth which I again provided. Dwayne indicated that Chase was going to conduct an “exterior appraisal” and I asked what that meant; he said he thought it was a “drive-by” but he wasn’t certain.

February 25, 2010 8:30 am: Phoned Jacqueline Ham who was to have returned 2/25/10; her mailbox was full and not accepting messages.

February 25, 2010 9:45 am: Phoned Chase (866) 550-5705 and spoke with Nzube. My file had been assigned to a “decision maker” on 2/11/10. Please allow 30 – 60 days. I said this was not acceptable and asked to be transferred to Imminent Default. He said okay and transferred me. Immediately the message came on “We’re sorry, we cannot continue to process your call” and disconnected me.

February 25, 2010 9:49 am: Phoned Chase (866) 550-5705 and spoke with Kewanna. I went through the drill and told her I needed to be transferred to Imminent Default. Shandaia picked up and told me she was unable to give a status update as the modification was with “Lee Escalation”. She indicated that “someone” would phone me back in 72 business hours. When pressed, she indicated the callback would come from the person handling my loan; I asked if that was Tannette McCray and she said yes. I said I wanted to be sure I understood correctly that Tannette McCray would call me back within 72 business hours with a status update and she said yes. Tannette McCray never called me.

February 26, 2010, 2:30 pm: Lisa Walsh from Chase Home Finance called, looking for the February payment. I told Lisa I’d been in constant contact with Chase, as recently as the day before at 10:00 am seeking a loan modification. I shared the content of my conversations including the fact that a credit report was being pulled; BPO requested and I was due a call back in 72 business hours. Lisa concurred these notes were in the file and asked when I could pay. I told her I had promised to make a payment by March 5 but it would be a partial. She said not to bother; a partial payment would just sit in a suspense account and would not be applied until received in full and partial payments might be applied to late fees, etc. Lisa told me to call (800) 848-9380 on or after March 1 and request a Financial Interview. That would calculate all money in and out of the house in order to create a payment plan to bring the debt current. I told her a payment plan was not likely as I could not meet the current mortgage payment. She said in the financial interview to be sure to tell them how much I could have paid in the partial payment. She said given my financial situation and the fact I was already in loan review for a modification, I would be denied for a payment plan and then they would try to put me on a trial or “second” modification program. These are the steps I must go through (interview, denial, etc.) If I can make the new payments for 3 months it might become official. I then asked if this course of events was independent of the modification I had already requested and she said yes.

March 1, 2010, 3:45 pm:  On calling the Chase Executive Lending Office I was advised my loan had been reassigned from Jacqueline Ham to Megan Valdivia (Megan.l.Valdivia@chase.com). Per Megan, she (Megan) had all the information required; it appeared I would be denied again as my equity was “too high”. Megan indicated that a Broker’s Price Order (BPO) had been received that day and much depended on what it said. 

March 2, 2010, 2:45 pm:  I called Megan to follow-up on the BPO; she had no new information. 

March 2, 2010, 2:46 pm:  I called (800) 848-9380 as Lisa Walsh had suggested scheduling a Financial Interview. I spoke with Rodriguez who had no idea what I talking about; he wanted transfer me but had to check the number. After he verified he had the correct number to transfer me I was put on hold and then the message came on “We’re sorry, but we cannot continue to process your call” and disconnected me. 

 March 2, 2010, 3:05 pm:  Phoned Chase (866) 550-5705 and spoke with Nicole who advised I’d been declined on 3/2/10 due to “lack of hardship”. Nicole connected me to Imminent Default where I spoke with Gene. I told him I’d been advised I was declined due to either “lack of hardship” or “too much equity” and I wanted a confirmation and explanation. He put me on hold and returned to tell me Chase was “unable to verify this was my primary residence”, hence the denial.  I asked if I would get a letter regarding this denial and the reasons why, he said yes. I was stunned – Megan had said nothing about my residency; the paperwork submitted (including Federal Income Tax returns) clearly indicates this is my home. 

March 3, 2010, 7:45 am:  I called Megan and left a voice mail regarding the denial. 

March 3, 2010, 8:45 pm:  Keisha Hackney phoned looking for payment. She told me I was denied due to “the equity” and that I need to list my home for sale; a modification was not available for me. I should liquidate my assets and pay up; consider a short sale. I will receive a denial letter and a letter with intent to foreclose. I was denied because I have equity and I should have refinanced or pulled all the equity out. I asked if Chase merely serviced the loan and she said no, “this is an asset loan in the portfolio”. I told her I was going to make a payment March 5 but had been advised it would not be applied if a partial payment; she confirmed this. I told her I could commit to a full payment with late fees by April 5, 2010. She told me she would note in the files I “was not able to make a commitment at this time”. I said I was making a commitment but she would not hear of it. I ended the call. 

March 4, 2010, 10:45 am:  I called Megan again and she told me she had “no record of a denial” although there “may be a question as to my residency”. Megan indicated I should only call her; if I called the Customer Service line I would get conflicting information. I offered to provide additional information to verify my residence but she said to wait.

March 11, 2010, 8:45 am: I called to follow-up; Megan was not in so I left a voice mail regarding the BPO and my residency status. 

March 15, 2010, 8:30 am: I called again to follow-up; Megan was not in so I left another voice mail reiterating the need for an answer on the BPO and my residency status. 

March 16, 2010, 8:30 am: I called Megan and she advised that my residency was an issue – Chase was “unable to verify owner occupancy”. I pointed out that my Federal Income Tax returns reflected my residence address and she agreed. Nonetheless, Chase wanted the following information:

1. Copies of last 4 months bank statements (previously submitted)
2. Copies of last 2 months pay stubs (previously submitted)
3. Copies of most recent utility bills with service address (previously submitted)
4. A P&L for 1099 “business”

I advised Megan that bank statements and pay stubs had been submitted with my modification request in December 2009. I told Megan I did not own or operate a business; I am a W-2 employee who supplements my income as a 1099 employee for another company. Megan indicated the need for all of the information and a P&L regardless of what I said; she noted she would be out of the office 3/24 to 4/5 and I should get this information to her as soon as possible and call after the information was faxed to confirm receipt.

I faxed items 2, 3 & 4; putting my 1099 earnings in a P&L format to satisfy her request, couched in a memo indicating I do not own or operate a business. Additionally I took it upon myself to obtain and fax my Cape May County Voter’s record indicating residency at the address since 2005. As I was in Florida on business, I could not access my checking statements but advised Megan I would provide them by Saturday 3/20 when I returned home.   

March 17, 2010, 1:00 pm: I called Megan to confirm receipt of the information. Megan reviewed the submissions and agreed the information received  (3 pages voter’s records; 5 pages P&L + two months paychecks; 3 pages owner occupied cover memo & utility bills) was in order and legible. I again confirmed that checking statements would be sent 3/20. 

March 20, 2010, 10:30 am:  I arrived home to find a denial letter dated 3/5/10 and postmarked 3/8/10 indicating I was denied for a loan modification as Chase was “unable to verify residence“. I immediately called Chase and Megan indicated I had been denied but the case was reopened as my voting record satisfied “them”. Chase also wanted a contact telephone number to schedule an interior appraisal. I gave the same cell # provided since 2/24/09 and asked again about the BPO. Megan indicated it was a 32-page document; she tried to extract a price/value from it while I waited but after putting me on hold and speaking with a co-worker, decided she was unable to do so. Megan said the interior appraisal was important and she would be going away so the sooner I sent the checking account statements, the better. That evening I faxed:

1. Copies of last 4 months bank statements from my two checking accounts

2. A formal notice indicating my contact phone number for scheduling an interior appraisal 

March 22, 2010, 8:30 am: I called Megan to confirm receipt of all information and to schedule the interior appraisal. She was not in so I left a voice mail. 

March 23, 2010, 7:45 am: I called Megan again; she was not in so I left a voice mail. 

March 23, 2010, 12:40 pm: Megan called back and confirmed receipt of checking account statements and confirmed that no additional paperwork was required at this time. I asked about scheduling the interior appraisal and she said it depended on the review of the bank statements. I protested as the bank statements were no different than those submitted in Dec 09. She said they still had to be reviewed. I asked her to confirm that indeed the file HAD been reopened and she said it had. I commented that when Jacqueline Ham left for vacation, she never came back – might that happen with Megan? She said she wouldn’t be surprised; “they are reassigning a lot of cases” and she did not know what state(s) she might end up with. She reiterated the bank statement review takes precedent over the scheduling of the interior appraisal. I asked who I should speak to while she was out of the office; Megan put a note in the file to contact me directly for scheduling or if any additional information was required and said she would be back on 4/5/10. 

I told Megan while I appreciated her help, she was a conduit, not a decision-maker; I went on to say I would drive anywhere to meet face-to-face with an empowered decision-maker. Megan said I would not be allowed to meet with “those people” and I was at the highest possible level with her. 

March 26, 2010, 4:00 pm: I called the Chase Executive Lending Office asking to speak with someone in Megan’s absence and got Makisha. In our 30 minute phone call, Makisha verified Megan was out until 4/5 and tried to get an answer on the interior appraisal scheduling. She advised “they” had forwarded the request to the Appraisal Dept. I asked if a Chase employee would conduct the appraisal; she said no, an independent appraiser would contact me and I would negotiate the price. I was stunned and said if I had to pay, why couldn’t I just pick my own appraiser and get things moving; Makisha said they had to be “legitimate” and Chase had a list of approved companies. I asked for the list so I could start negotiating price and expedite getting an appraiser out – she said it “wasn’t done that way”. Makisha expressed surprise that none of this had been covered with me by Megan and that I had not been re-assigned to someone during Megan’s absence. She went on to say I would have to wait for the scheduling call; it would take 7-10 days. I asked when the count of 7-10 days started and Makisha said she had already given me “way more information than she was supposed to”. I backed off as she had been helpful and thanked her for her efforts. Makisha said she would note our conversation in the files.  

March 29, 2010: An independent appraiser contacted me looking to schedule the appraisal “tomorrow”. There was no discussion of price or cost to me. We settled on April 1, 2010 as I was to be out of town on business 3/30-3/31/10. 

April 1, 2010: The interior appraisal was conducted. The appraiser, Jim Carr, advised me it would be turned over to Chase no later than Monday, April 5, 2010. 

April 5, 2010, 1:10 pm: I received via regular and Certified Mail identical letters from Chase dated 3/31/10. The contents were a dunning notice along with marketing solicitations. The letter said:

 Your house is your home. We want to keep it that way. We need to talk — call 1-800-848-9380 today.

The letter went on to say I “may be eligible for a modification and a Loan Specialist will work with me to determine the option that best fits my need.” I called immediately and was routed to an auto announcement reiterating receipt of a payment for $6795.09 (I sent $7,000); the delinquent debt of $13,314.48 and indicating that I was past due two payments. I worked through the menu to get to a live person and spoke with Angeer and read her the letter. She cut me off when I told her I’d already applied for a loan modification by asking when; I answered 12/11/09. She put me on hold then returned to say that after reviewing the notes, my file is in review and was sent to the underwriter on 3/1/10. She told me to disregard the letter and asked when I could pay in the next two weeks. I told her that just as I’d advised Laura Walsh on 4/1/10, I could next make a full payment on 6/5/10. Angeer agreed that she saw this noted in the file. With that, we ended the call. 

April 6, 2010, 7:45 am: I called Megan as she was to have returned from vacation. She was not in so I left a voice mail. 

April 7, 2010, 8:00 am: I called Megan; she was not in so I left a voice mail. 

April 8, 2010, 8:10 am: I called Megan; she was not in so I left a voice mail. 

April 9, 2010, 7:35 am: I called Megan and she told me my loan had been reassigned; she was no longer on the case. My new contact is Olga Danilova. Megan declined to give me her e-mail. 

April 9, 2010, 7:40 am: I called Olga Danilova; she was not in so I left a detailed voice mail. 

April 10, 2010, 2:00 pm: I called Olga Danilova; she was not in so I left a detailed voice mail. 

April 12, 2010, 8:45 am; 11:15 am; 4:45 pm: I called Olga Danilova; she was not in so I left a detailed voice mail. 

April 13, 2010, 8:13 am: I called Olga Danilova; she was not in so I left a detailed voice mail. 

April 13, 2010, 8:17 am: I called the Chase Home Lending Executive Office to confirm Olga Danilova was indeed my contact person; I verified she was and I was dialing the correct number. I also obtained her e-mail address. 

April 13, 2010: David B. Lowman speaks before the House Committee on Financial Services and tells people who can’t get answers to come to him. 

Mr. Lowman, here I am.

Martha Wright

Avalon NJ 08202

(***) ***-****



58 Responses

  1. Martha, I have been trying for a mod since January 2008. Yes that’s correct 2008. On April 02. 2010 I was also assigned Olga Danilova. I couldn’t get hold of her either. Why don’t you contact me and we can compare notes.

  2. I am in the same boat been working with Chase since May 2009 no luck yet. I have contacted HUD, FHA, BBB no luck. I am beginning to think it is going to take a class action suit against chase and it’s investors for us to be heard. Good luck to you both and feel free to contact me.

  3. I faxed my modification package to Chase on March 5, 2010. On March 31, 2010, after being unable to make my on-line mortgage payment, I contacted Chase and was told that the application was in review and they did not know why the option to pay mortgage on line for customers in modification review is deleted. Anyhow, long story short, after follow up calls each month, May 10 I found out on the first call that my modification request was denied because I had poor payment history with my FHA….untrue, I had never paid my mortgage after the 2nd of each month since purchase in 2002… Hung up on… 1.20 hours later, on hold, employee #2 told me that the previous was incorrect information and apologized. Chase had “met their quota” for loan modifications and to wait 30-60 more days as Chase “was looking for an alternative program…like forebearance…until more modifications were available”. I got the “official” denial letter June 1. It had some babble pertaining to my FHA payments… After calling Chase again to “understand”…the problem is not that my mortgage is now 85% of my income, nor have I ever been late…. that’s the problem…. I have no hardship since I can pay my mortgage…..

  4. I have been in this process since Aug 2008, it has to date, been one of the worst things I’ve ever experienced. It took until August of 2009 to finally get my trial payment for 90 days we were told then we would have our final modification. Just like Chase to find another way to postpone that time frame, so ensued another 90 day trial period. We have complied with all their requests, supplied countless documents over and over, hours of phone calls never with the same person and always with another scenario. We even hired a specialist thinking perhaps they would have more clout. Believe me that hasn’t made a difference we still spent countless hours with Chase to be told “sending an email out someone will get back to you” no one ever got back to us. We did finally get our letter stating “Congratulations you’ve been granted your Modification” finally the long trial was over or so we thought first payment began on April 1, 2010 until current. On June 3, 2010 I received a letter from Chase stating “that they were not considering us for a modification.” I was shocked 11 months of payments, and my finally modification papers and they have come up with some other story. If I wouldn’t have called I would not know that my house is going up for auction June 17, 2010. How can they get away with this, at this point its not about something material but the fact of the injustice of it all. We’ve worked hard to keep our home, and now they can just sell it after getting 11 months of payments. I hope that a class action suit will follow. Feel free to contact me
    Deborah Almeida

    • when I called chase they said my trial period begin, but I have not receive any letter from chasebank, I have already made 3payments.I call chase about this matter different rep say, different. What can be tru?

      • you will never know what is true, the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. I have fought so long, different stories everytime. no one knows they are inept at their jobs. Tell people do not deal with Chase take your money from their banks. My home is being sold Oct. 1st. even after we received our final papers. They have ruined my credit, created hardships that no one that is working hard within the frame work should have to cope with, and the worse thing is they will get a bail out paid for by our tax dollars…the government is not doing anything to help either Chase has carte blanc to do whatever they want..all lies..

  5. I have been in loan modification process with Chase from December 23, 2008. I was denied once for lack of income. I work on commissions and one month did not show income, however the following month was paid the amount to cover both months. I reapplied and am in work out again. I wrote to Lowman and got no resolution. I am starting to believe they have no intention to give us a loan modification. It feels like a game when they take trial payments, wait and then still foreclose when the time is right for them. I agree the only way for all of us to get what we want and what we were promised by those trial agreements is a class action suit. I am surprised there is none yet. Most of our loans were purchased from WaMu for cents on the dollar. Even in case of foreclosure they make a mega profit, while we loose our homes, our dignity, our credit and ability to be a homeowner again in the near future.
    I am absolutely in for a class action suit. Any ideas? All our notes are similar, we are all going through the same process and may be bound to lose our homes if we don’t fight back. Remember the movie “Erin Brokovich” it was based on true events. We can do something, but only if we are together we have a voice.
    Please feel free to contact me at kmiretski@aol.com

  6. I could write the same story. I have been trying to get a loan mod for 18 months.

  7. Call your congressman’s office and request their assistance. Then send them a follow up letter certified explaining your circumstances. cc Obama’s office too…

    I don’t know why Chase is so unresponsive but you can’t give up. Contact http://www.naca.com too. They have the only kind of tactics that get these lenders attention. Check out their website. The have been covered on CBS news and by other media. The can help with the clout you need…and there is no charge until they get your modification. Picket their bank branches too and you will get there attention!

    • My father is having the same experience as everyone here. Don’t bother trying to get assistance from NACA, we were recently told that they are no longer doing “home saves” for Chase clients, due to Chase’s refusal to negotiate. My name is Asia Page. I have emailed 7 on your side several times, even emailed the White House. CHASE WAS GIVEN MILLIONS OF STIMULUS DOLLARS TO HELP US. THEY ARE LIARS, CHEATS, AND DEVILS, AND I CANNOT STAND THIS A MINUTE LONGER. I AM ACTIVELY ATTEMPTING TO INITIATE A CLASS ACTION SUIT AGAINST CHASE BANK; ANY AND ALL PLEASE CONTACT ME. LETS WORK TOGETHER TO PUT AN END TO THIS MADNESS!!!

      MY NAME IS ASIA PAGE. I can be reached at asialovesjourney@yahoo.com

      • Hi Asia and everyone,

        I’m sitting down in disbelief that this horrible thing is happening. How can someone be so greedy and heartless? I’ve been struggling to make ends meet and its not my fault nor anybody else;s. I think we all know why the ecomony went down and we are all paying for that mess. But still we are not keeping quiet and its unfortunate that some of us may be homeless if not already. I am currently working with NACA and they have not mentioned anything about not working with CHASE but I’m on hold for them now. (It’s been 45 minutes) I am all for a lawsuit! I have so much time and money invested in my home that I’m furious that some bank took six years worth of interest only payments at a 7.35% rate on a $388,000 loan! How %^&** is that! It makes me sick, literally have been for the past three years. I have called the Congresswoman in my district and told them what was going on. THis needs to keep going higher and higher. Unfortunately we are all paying for the mess that was buidling up and the President has to fix it now. He can demand this be done. OH WELL the banks will always make money but our credits are ruined, doors are closed and this is 10 years of unforgettable and treachorous years to follow. Who will ever forget losing their home and having to deal with bad credit. Then they force you to pay back the loan or property taxes that they had to pay or the difference on your loan if you short sale. Either way we lose. So what more do we have to do to change this. If they take my home I have more time to advocate and give them a hard time. Letters, e-mails, ruined reputation. I DON”T CARE …I love my home, i love the location, I have a family.

    • I could not believe my eyes when I discovered this! I was thrust into a very similiar situation with my first and only home loan. Seems like no matter how much you try to understand and prepare, there is always something underlying that you pay for! I originally retained a loan from Chase for a home improvement loan for much needed work in my home. I had over $200,000.00 in equity & just needed a small amount for improvents, because I had so much equity, I was told to take it out of the house It will pay for itself, don’t use savings! The bank I received the original loan from turned out to be operating fraudulently and I had to find another company. I thougt I could not go wrong with Chase, reputable company, been around long time…Wound up costing me over $37,000.00 in additional costs, which tripled my home loan, for $40,000.00 of home improvements. When I experienced a 30% cut in pay, 2008, I immediately notified Chase to see about modifications, they informed me they “don’t do that” & I should seek help with another company. I told them that I would pay my note, but it would not be by the first of every month. They informed me I had to call each month to inform them. Finally in Jan 2010, while informing rep I was going to be late, she offered information regarding modifications and was sure I would qualify, sent me the approx 35 page request to return. I received notice that I “received temporary qualifications” and I should receive final modification approval within 3 months, ( I was performing all the chasing and follow up to retain this information) May 2010 my employers check was returned to me and so I was not going to make my payment exactly in time, when I called Chase the rep told me that my modification was denied, due to documents needed.
      I faxed over all documents, including original package and updated banking information because they could not supply exact information they were needing. How could this happen? I had been in contact all this time, received verbal notice that I was approved with a modification that I could live with, then I call & find out this, with nothing else? I never rec any written communication regarding this new situation and if I would not have called them, who knows what they would have done. Much more to this situation, but my final straw was receiving a letter from Chase, Oct 21, 2010 stating they were denying my modification, which I was never deliquent on, because my property seems to be”vacant”. I replied & then received a certified letter dated Nov 11, 2010, which my child signed for on Nov. 15, 10 & did not receive myself until Nov 20, 2010, due to attending to court matters. The package contained a new loan modification, documenting my original payment at over $3K, $400.ovr my orig. mo pymnt, & offered new modification at just over $2300., which is only $200 less than my original monthly payment and they wanted the full amount by November 21, 2010. I had already sent in my modification payment for Novemeber 2010, $1650, which I can afford, now. I was thrust into a horrifying situation and it just seems to be getting worse. If I had not experienced this entire situation, I would not have believed it could happen. I exhausted my savings, partial retirement, & have used resources that I would never have dreamed I would have to use, I was placed in a position to need assistance. I did have a second, third, plan lined up and was forced to use my resources that I had to protect myself. I have always worked very hard for everything I provide for my family, by myself. Our home is of the utmost importance and I won’t accept being thrown into the gutter for this.

  8. I have been in review for a loan modification with Chase since Sept 28, 2009. My loan was a Washington Mutual loan as well. In reading all of your comments I see that I am not alone in my frustration or the run around I have been given by Chase. I would be all on board for a class action law suit. They appear to be conducting some unscrupulous business practices and I am strongly concidering taking legal action for the emotional and financial distress this has caused me! Would be happy to compare notes!!

  9. I have also been trying to get a LM from Chase (since jan 10) after 18 years of perfect payments! I am a REALTOR and have worked to help others with loans from other banks and found some are good, but spoke with NACA and they confirm that Chase is one of the worst. I plan to contact everyone in the public eye til I get some kind of response. Chase should not be allowed to pretend they are doing a service to their clients when all they are doing is scooping up our homes and leaving us in shambles. I will NEVER recommend Chase again!!

  10. I have been going through the LM process with Chase Home Mortgage since 2009. This company staffed by our fellow Americans (I hope) but doubt, are sucking the life out of good, hard working Americans who only want to keep their homes and provide for their families. It is a shame that this company is allowed to bring people to the brink of losing everything. I challenge any congress person to call Chase and try to work through hoops that Chase makes us go through. Sorry, I am upset.

  11. Craig you have every right to be upset. I feel violated they are criminal. My loan mod. has been going on for almost 2 yrs. I will not be a party to their predatory practices any longer. They can sale my house, it will be an illegal sale. I need to recover from this and then I am going to fight them. I have every document and all my ducks are in a row, it won’t be easy to have someone take on Chase bank but Chase needs to be taught a lesson. All ready I have alone discouraged 4 people from using Chase and I will continue to let people know what they are really about. I can only encourage you to write to your congress, anyone who will listen do a time line make it brief, keep all your paper work. Let people know that they are liars, they are making more on foreclosing, if Americans don’t wake up there will be no middle class.

    • I don’t know who to go to anymore . Chase took my home with no knowelge wants me and my family out i have a dissabled going blind husband and a daughter with seizures. and my home is up for auction

  12. I have been in the process for a LM for the past two years. Getting the runaround and talking to a million different people. I have looked in all the avenues I have heard of. I was desperate and got an attorney the first year and that was a huuuuuuge mistake but I still managed to make my payments on time. Everything was depleted and some items in my home were sold. couches, TV, dining room table, etc. cut back on expenses, cable, internet, had the gas company come out and help with energy efficieny to lower my utility bill. Washed only once a week (yes I had a huge pile) But I managed with that. It’s frustrating not getting answers and I understand they are busy but by the looks of these comments it all sounds the same. CHASE DOES NOT want to modify. They will absolutely not give people a chance to keep their homes. they are greedy and they are purposely letting people fall behind and then screwing them again when they foreclose or forced to short sell. They are threatening to put a lien on my credit if I don’t pay the difference. Someone needs to really put a dent in CHASE’s bank.

  13. Though my situation with Chase is in regards to a short sale, I can tell you I feel as frustrated and taken advantage as you. I have been trying to close on my home since May of 2009 and have had over 10 offers on the house. Chase has literally run us round and round, passed us off on negotiator to negotiator and meanwhile finding excuse upon excuse not to close. They now, a year and a half later have decided we make too much money. Meanwhile, we had to move out of state to find jobs, leaving the home behind, and now the home is worth half of what we own on it. I just wish they’d auction it off and get the money they deserve- $0.

  14. Hi,

    Does anyone know who is monitoring the banks to make sure that they are doing the right thing ?? I think we need
    to stand as one and let our voices be heard…………..

  15. I am sooo upset from dealing with Chase Home Finance and have no idea where to turn. This is our first home that we’ve built and financed and was meant to be our lifelong residence. We love our home, not to mention the fact that I could’nt emotionally bear to lose it being that our land was deeded to us from my father. The land that our home is on is in the middle of my entire family. Literally! My father lives dirtectly to the left, my brother to the left of him and my sister to the right of me! This land has been in our family for hundreds of years and now because of Chase, I am possibly facing foreclosure and facing the reality of seperating our land for ever because of their illegal or should I say deceitful tactics. Last October 2009, when I called to make 2 payments(I was behind 2 months) I was offered from a Chase representative to get my payments lowered by applying for a Home Loan Mod. The rep (who spoke broken English assured me that all neeeded to do was to apply over the phone with him and my payments would be lowered if I was approved. After speaking with him for 2 hours he informed me that I was approved( I questioned him over and over and asked if he was sure because I had been misinformed by Chase so many times and he said; “You are approved, go have a party and celebrate. Verbatim . He said that all I needed to do was to pay $1000.00 for the original modification fee and not to make a Nov payment. He told me to start making payments of $772.52 every month instead of my regular payment of $924.00 after calling back the following week ,I was corrected and told I was misinformed , that I was approved, not pre-approved . Anyway, I made my trial mod payments of $776.00 for three months and also sent in numerous amounts of paperwork that was lost by Chase over and over. After the end of the 3 mos., I called to find out the status and was told by a rep that they were overwhelmed with Mod aps. and to continue making my trial pmt., that they should let me know something in about a month. Then I received a letter stating that the mod ap was expired because I neglected to turn in the correct paperwork. Even though I turned everything in numerous times. So, I called and was told to keep making the trial payment an to just send in more financials. I ended up being told that I was not approved for that modification but to keep making the trial pmts and they were going to try and get me another type of mod which just 2 weeks ago they sent me documentation stating that I was denied for that one too but at the bottom of those documents was a loan mod agreeement for a fannie mae loan that I was approved for so I signed it t fed-exed it back and now I’m getting documents stating that I owe almost $8,000.00 and facing foreclosure in 32 days but when I call the collections no. on the letter it routes me to modification dept and they tell me to disregard the letter that it is automatically generated and I have no worries that I’m approved, I asked if they could transfer me to collections so that I could get them on the same page and just yesterdayalone I was tranferred and”diconnected” 18 times trying to get to collections and customer care because the loss/mitigation/modification dept said that I need cust. care to generate me a letter stating what they are telling me which is that I am already definitely approved and cannot go into foreclosure but I have no documentation to back that up, alI I am getting in the mail are acceleration warnings and notices of intent to foreclose. No matter what I try I always get routed to loss/mitigation/modification and the letters that I am receiving are telling me; “All you have to do is call it will only take a few minutes” which is a complete joke because I literally spend hours on end begging and pleading with modification to tranfer to collections and every single time they act like it’s no big deal and then hang up on me! Modification is telling me not to pay what collections is saying I’m behind because they say it will completely mess up the modification, yet I’m very worried because when I first call, before they realize I am in the Mod process or approved or whatever they tell me I’m 7 months behind when I’m paying my trial pmt every month. There is no possible way that I can owe what they are saying I do . If the rep would’ve told me from the beginning that when I make the trial payments that they are telling me to pay that it would not be considered a payment and that each month that I paid $772.56 rather than my regular payment that it would be considered non-payment and I’d get late fees and other fees and foreclosure warnings for just simply once again trusting what Chase is telling me I never would’ve done it. Now, just yesterday I was told by a rep in loss/mitigation/modification that most people would kill to be in my shoes because I’m approved and should have no worries. But, I know how I’ve been totally misleaded in the past by Chase and the fact that I have absolutely no documentation stating what they repeatedly telling me on the phone scares me. However, every letter , packet etc. that Chase has sent me will cover them legally and I have no proof of what they are telling me which is that “I’m in good shape, approved and that the delinquency that they say I owe, Ishould’nt worry about because it will go to the back of my new loan agreement” What it boils down to is that the loss/miigation/mod dept. is telling me that the mod agreement that I signed and Fed-Exed back by Oct. 14,2010 has to now be signed by Chase(even though they say it is definitely approved)and I probably won,t receive it until December, but, in the mean time I’ve gotten a letter from you Chase stating that I have 32 days from Oct. 13 to pay almost $8,00.00 dollars in fees (which is absolutely absurd) or foreclosure proceedings will start. Again, when I call the collections no. on the letter which is1-800-848-9380 it takes me straight to loss/mitigation and then I plead with each employee to get me to collections only for them to speak rudely to me and then hang up or tranfer me to hold for minutes(between 5-45 minutes) 0nly to disconnect and then I have to start all over. I’ve even tried calling collections and trying not to put in my loan no. or last four of my social thinking that I could atleast get to that dept and then have them look up my account but the system will not allow that either without your info. first. IT IS A COMPLETE JOKE!! All I need is something that will cover me if I have to take this before a judge.I just simply need a letterstating what they are stating to me over the phone(which is , don’t worry,you are approved for the fannie mae home loan mod and you cannot go into foreclosure)but, THEY WILL NOT DO IT , they can’t get me over to collectionsn no matter how many hours I spend on the phone to talk w/them about the acceleration notices and foreclosure warnings, loss/mitigation /mod just tell me very rudely; Disregard the letters, that is all I can tell you, how many times do I have to tell you” and they also say they will transfer me to Cust Care so that “maybe they can generate the letter I want, but after days and many hours of being disconnected on I have no other choice but to try and write you. It’s just very disheartening that the letter from Collections is giving me 32 days as of Oct.13, 2010 to pay an absurd amount of money before they say they will start foreclosure proceedings yet loss mitgation/modification is telling me to disregard that letter and is saying you are fine but you won’t get the mod agreement signed by us back for a month or two and all I have is their word which at this point is no good to me!! I’m afraid that it will go into foreclosure and then when I call and tell them that they assured me that it would’nt go into foreclosure that then they will say; well, you were speaking to the incorrect dept and they don’t have up to date access of foreclosures. Because, that did happen to me already once before. But the thing is the only dept I can get routed to is the loss/mitigation/modification dept no matter how hard I try. Like I said I have spent hours begging and pleading to be tranferred to various depts and every single time I am disconnected on. It’s amazing that something has not been done about this yet, I mean it’s pretty bad when you call later in the day after spending hours(I can provide phone records) being disconnected on from 8am to 3pm then give up for a while and take a break to actually live life and take care of my kids and then call and speak to someone that you can understand and then they advise you to only call after 7pm my time(I live in Florida) because that is when my call will be routed to a call center in the U.S and they ususally actually know what they’re doing. However at that time certain mandatory depts. that I need are closed!!!!!!!!!I am so scared that Chase is trying to force me into foreclosure by lying to me on the phone, but sending legal documents in the mail to cover theirselves. PLEASE, PLEASE help me. I am a person. I have young children, one of them which has severe asthma and I need to be dedicating much more time to him than getting wrapped up in Chase’s unbeleivable Spin Cycle. Thank-You, Carla Rendell, Pensacola, FL phone850-418-4294

  16. You cannot fight Chase. They are worse than Mafia. I am trying with a lawyer. See with lawyers they know the in and out how to deal with Chase. You can not do it on your on. They haveno intentions of modifying you home loan. I am mad at Chase too but even madder at the President and Congress. They are letting them get away with this practice. Everyone there is a God even though it may not seem like it. All the banks are going to get what coming to them sooner or later. You reap what you sow. God has taken notice of there crookness and they will pay one day. I am in the same boat with you. I have been dealing with Chase since 2008 too. I will be praying for everyone I repeat get a lawyer you won’t win on your own. Just be careful about them too make sure they are legal. You can check with the Better Business Bureau to see if they are for legtimate.

  17. I have been dealing with CHASE on a loan modification since February 2010. I am very familiar with what everybody is saying on this site. Every time I called, I speak with different people and they give me contradicting information. Letters from CHASE are being sent to my mailing address, and when I try to contact the relations manager “Matthew Sparks” at 904-462-3517 I received a voice mail saying that the voice mail box is full. I was told that my application was denied as of today because they did not receive some documents, but can tell me what document were missing.

  18. I have been trying to modify my mortgage with EMC loan servicing owned by J P Morgan Chase since September 2008. I had lost my job and knew I would get behind because I was making 1/3 the income that I had been making. I was told I had to be 90 days in default before they would start a modification process. 90 days occurred by March 2009 and then I was told “I had to be current to qualify for a modification”. Borrowed the money from a friend, caught up the payments , supplied documentation required, completed “trial payment plan” in June 2009..
    Spent the last 1 and 1/2 years doing what everyone else has been doing, supplying same documentation over and over and over again because my file has been floating from one person to another who disappears or maybe really doesn’t exist.
    I have worked in the mortgage industry for 17 years. I knew I had to deal with the investor or owner of my loan to really get to anyone who cared whether there is a foreclosure or not.. Got a HOPE counselor involved which is how I finally found out that Chase owned my loan… EMC would never tell me who my investor was (my loan originally was with Bear Stearns).
    I started a second “trial payment plan” in December 2009 (which plan I am still paying in December 2010).
    I finally went online in the early summer of 2010 to find numbers for Chase Executive Offices and guess what? I actually talked to David Lowman who said, “your mortgage should have been modified when you finished your trial payment plan in June 2009.. I knew that, I am in the business! He promised to ESCALATE MY MODIFICATION TO THE EXECUTIVE LEVEL AND GET IT COMPLETED!
    He even gave me a number that was supposed to be his direct number, but guess what ? it wasn’t!!! Go figure!!
    As of today, December 18, 2010, I am still making trial payments after a year, I have tried to get my Congressman’s office to help but they say they really don’t have any power to do anything but follow up with Fannie Mae and Chase… It has taken me 4 months of corresponding with their office to get them to offer that much. Chase is adding almost as much as I am paying in payments to my loan balance every month and still no final loan modification docs. My house is under water by at least $30,000 and still going down in value according to sales in the area.
    I recently worked at Suntrust Mortgage in the loan modification department.. It is a simple process: verify the customer’s financial situation through documentation. Calculate how to get their payment at no more than 33% of their gross income (lower the rate for 5 years to as low as 2% or extend the term of the mortgage to 40 yrs. or both if necessary). Determine if the home is under water and adjust the principal balance accordingly. Set up a trial loan payment plan of 3 to 6 months.. When completed issue final loan modification documents placing all persons on the deed to the property on the mortgage.
    It really doesn’t take a week to determine the trial payment amount or eligibility once documentation is received from the customer… Then the file is held until trial payment plans are completed, then put to bed. BINGO! You have a loan modification!
    Bank of America for all their problems, completed 4,100 HAMP mods in the month of July alone, where had Chase been and what the heck have they been doing for the last 2 years and 3 months with my loan?????????

  19. Hi, I have been dealing with Chase for a loan mod since Oct 2009 due to a 50% loss of income at that time. For the last 14 months I have been calling Chase every week faithfully and making sure all docs are current. Every time I call, I was told my file is “under review”. The entire family is literally “holding its breath” for this, not knowing what will happen. I get so helpless and frustrated that I wrote to my senator – Senator Diane Feinstein (California) 2 month ago. Senator responded with request for more detail info. We prayed and waited.
    after we submitted our info to Senator Feinstein.

    This morning a lady called Melissa from Chase Home Lending Executive Office called and left a message on my cell phone. Didn’t say much & just asked my to call back.

    Does anyone have any experience dealing with this Executive Office ? It is in Ohio… This ” Melissa” does not soud like an underwriter or a decision maker to me, more like a call center rep.

    Any tips and advice on what to expect dealing with this Chase Home Lending Executive Office? I would really appreciate any comment or input.

    Wish us all getting out of this nightmare ASAP!!!

    • I have a mod approval with my copies and counter signed by Chase. They refuse to accept my payment. Just a few days after getting my approval in the mail, they sent a new package explaining “an error was made”….fill out these new forms and send them in. NO WAY!!!! Chase is trying to raise the payments after they approve my modification. No help after calling them 4 to 5 times per week. The last conversation I had their rep was that I need to resubmit all the docs again….I snapped and told her “I’m not going through all this crap again, I’ll just contact a lawyer” she says “whatever, do want you want”. Hey Chase…..see ya in court!

      • Hey Rick,
        Have you found a lawyer yet who will go against Chase?
        I would love the number and name and maybe we could get a class action going. I have gotten nowhere since September 2008 and I an over it! What Chase is doing has to be illegal and we just need the right attorney who has the kahunas to take them on!

  20. It is very interesting to read these comments, from my stand point of view. I have been dealing in the area of finance for over a quarter of century, and I tried to understand the economical patterns; but I never thought that I would confront such planned incompetency in the financial arena in my life time. There is no surprise as why Chase’s obligation was never to rescue struggling home owners, what is surprising, is that Chase believes otherwise. Loans were negotiated for lot less for what the paper notes were worth. What incentives does Chase “Executive office” have to return the struggling home owners’ phone calls? Foreclosures and short sales bring revenue to the city by generating new Tax fees, including but not limited to city or county, brings fresh money as down payments to the banks, provide opportunity for the insurance companies to write new policies and create greater margin of profits to the shareholders. Imagine if we could do the same, I don’t think I would’ve returned anyone’s phone call either… Would you’ve…?

  21. As sad as it is to read all of these posts, there is also some comfort in the absolute agony that we have all gone through, and continue to go through. I started this process in July of 2009 – I started trial payments in July of 2009, and made six of them, all on time. Still, never rec’d a perm mod. then the mediation process started. I have been through six mediations as of today – I was told at the last mediation on 1/18/11, that I was being given a mod, not through HAMP, but through Chase’s internal process – that I had submitted all documents (which I have done 3 dozen times, since the start), and that the investor just needed to approve it. Yes, you guessed it – they denied it. Now, there is another mediaiton scheduled for next month, which I truly have no interest in. They are going to take the house – makes no sense, there is no equity in the home……senseless. The stress, as you all know, is overwhelming. I have been trying to find a class action suit in the NY/NJ area. I know there are such suits in other parts of the country, and some have been successful (before going to court). Can anyone let me know, if they know of a suit in the area, that I can join?

  22. As everyone else I have been trying to get a loan modification under the MHA program for a year and have been given the runaround until now.

    Ms. Wright, could you tell me if, after the article and letter to Mr. Lowman, you obtained a loan modification? Thanks

    • It is yet a year later with two more denials under my belt. The answer is no, I have not obtained a loan modification. I began anew in my quest with another application submitted on 2/18/11 as property values have declined to the point that my home is now underwater – I thought that might change the dynamic somewhat, coupled with the fact that I was able to pick up some freelance work to further supplement my reduced income. The saga continues.

  23. Ok, so reading all this I see that one person says Chase has no obligation to return phone calls. Sorry, they do. They still get my money. Even though I have applied for loan mod – I am still a customer. And really what in the world are they going to do with all these houses if they eventually get them? Perhaps few of us know in exactitude the details of the modification, but customer contact should be made. We should not be kept in the dark. From what I have read all of us have been treated horribly. My guess is because the process is unclear and the direction from management sucks.

  24. Complaints can be filed with the OCC this is a powerful government watchdog – they will then audit their process – take this from someone that used to work there!

    • Russ,
      did that and they did nothing!!!!

      • I did the same thing and got a “Dear John” Letter from the OCC saying they take complaints very seriously. It’s BS and they (The OCC) stands by the Big Banks because if they fail, THEY are at fault for not being strict enough and not doing their jobs in the first place!
        anyone wanna buy my “30% underwater American Dream”?

  25. I, too, applied for a modification, back in August 2010. I was denied because I had never missed a payment and “I made too much money”! But they offered a forbearance plan that scared the ____ out of me, because if they then decided not to do a permanent modification, I would be in foreclosure. So I called and wrote a letter telling them “no way”. They were to send my loan back to the “normal” department; they haven’t done that yet. This means that I have to call them to make a mortgage payment. The first $20 phone payment fee was waived because I insisted. Then, unbeknownst to me, in January and February they TOOK THE $20 OUT OF MY PAYMENT!! This resulted in my being 30 days delinquent. I was alerted by one of the credit reporting agencies that negative information had been reported. I called Chase on March 14 and went thru the usual rigamarole with their reps, and told them they had to get this corrected. This was their mistake, not mine. They took another payment from me, which was due, and waived the $20 fee and promised to alert the credit companies. By March 25 they hadn’t updated the status and were still showing that I owed them two payments. I called again, got a rep who was very rude to me (as some others had been), and when he said he was transferring me to someone else, he disconnected me (which had happened countless times before, because that’s all part of their game). So I had to call back and this time got a very nice young man who was quite helpful. He admitted that it was all their error. I said I’d be glad to send them the $20 if it would just get everything straightened out. By that time my credit score had gone down 130 points just because of Chase’s incompetency. This rep said that would be a good idea, but that I’d have to send it by Western Union, which I did. By March 27 the account shows that they posted a full payment on March 25 and had received my $20. They did not take the additional payment out of my checking account – I hurried to the bank website to see if they did. I know I still have to call them again to get the credit reporting corrected. This company is so horrible, and I don’t understand how they’re getting away with this. My son got a modification several months ago with very little problem – I don’t know who their mortgagee is. But someone else applied to Wells Fargo and wound up in foreclosure. She has just given up. The banks were given all that money for loan modifications, Chase posted billions in profit for the first quarter of this year. Yet they treat people the way they do and continue on their way with no repercussions. It is definitely criminal. I wrote three letters to their CEO, Jamie Dimon. Got two “thank you for your inquiry, we are reviewing” letters, and heard nothing else. I really feel for all of the people who are in big trouble because this company and others just refuse to do what they’re supposed to do, and it’s so frustrating that you can’t talk to someone who is really in charge and wants to help you. David Lowman seems to be in on the game, also. Let’s hope they are dealt with and that heads roll!!

    • Chase set us up for failure. They came to me in Jan. 2009 and offered a loan mod, which was $1000.00 less than we were paying, so of course I accepted it. What they didn’t tell me was that when they denied the modification 8 months later, they would put all the arrears as a late payment. They had our income incorrect after submitting pay stub after pay stub for 8 months. Since it was their error, they agreed to start another loan mod, which when I tried to make my first trial payment, they would not accept it. They are now telling me that I turned down the offer, so they filed a notice of default on my house. I have called to try to apply for another modification, which I’ve had 4 different people say they would accept it. I received a call today from Chase telling me that they will not accept my application, and my only choice is to short sell my house or go through with the foreclosure. They will not even consider a repayment plan and now I am in the hole for $37,000. Something needs to be done to stop these crooks from stealing our homes. I don’t even know what to do now. My mailbox is full of letters from attorneys offering their services, but who can I honestly trust?????

  26. It has been a long frustrating haul for my husband and I. We have been trying since Oct. 2009 and as of yet, haven’t received a response or relief. Chase is setting us up for failure. They haven’t helped anybody I know with Chase. Those that made it through a 3 month trial, were denied at the end forcing them to reapply and start all over again. I live in California and have noticed many new branches opening around my city. I ask, “is this where Obama’s relief money went towards, instead of us homeowners?” One has to wonder. I would love to sue the hell out of them, but who do we turn to? Last person I spoke to was rude and inconsiderate, telling me that I should just sell my house if I couldn’t afford my house. Is this the kind of people Chase has working for them? It’s been a nightmare and something should definitely be done.

  27. I am in California also. Several attorneys I talked to don’t seem to want to touch it. We had a mod approved in Dec. 2008 when they were WAMU. The mod never was put into place and I have been fighting with them since Jan 2009. We went through the trial payments and lost paperwork because we had to do another application even though we already had a mod approved. They forced us into bankruptcy to stop us losing the house but we are still fighting for that correct payment amount and interest rate. This nightmare has to end. We have to find someone to listen and help us all.

  28. If you are in California, a class action lawsuit has been filed against JP Morgan Chase that includes several services. Attorneys Lanza & Smith are handling the case. Contact them. You can go to the following blog for more information: http://www.givemebackmycredit.com/blog/2011/03/court-roundup-news-on-several-mortgage-servicing-lawsuits.htmlthem
    I found this out by searching in Google for “JP Morgan Chase, EMC, class action lawsuits”
    Good luck to all.

  29. And I thought that I was alone in all of this. I feel that I am going to go insane, trying desperately to save my home. I applied for a modification eleven months ago, May 2010. Ten months into the request and after constantly replacing lost documents, I was told I did not qualify for a modification. I have my 87 year mother living with me, and my son, who will be deployed again next year, if not sooner. I actually had to get signed rental agreements from both because they are contributing to the household. I lost my job and only now work part time but bring in about $1000. Total income is $3000 or more per month. Chase then changes the rules and tells me that my “renters” are “boarders” and they only allow 50% of the income to be counted. So now I have my income cut to $2000.00 which disqualifies me. No mention ever of boarders v. renters. Chase has commited fraud again and again.
    Then I am told that Chase wants to foreclose because it would be better for their stockholders in the long run. My mother is a stockholder. But they said they had no problem putting her out of the house. I try to give them money, they will not take anything from me. I am many months behind. I don’t know what to do because I keep trying to give them money. I can no longer reinstate the loan because too many months have gone by. If they had told me even six months into this, I could have reinstated and then looked for other options. Now I have a sale date on my home and no where to turn. I filed bankruptcy to stop the sale and Chase just postponed the sale date to two days after my bankruptcy hearing. A broker told me that Chase wants to foreclose, especially on loans from failed banks (WaMu) because when they foreclose, then they get paid by the government. Then when it is sold, they get paid again. I don’t know how much of this is accurate but it makes sense when I see how badly they want to get my home. I am upside down now by $100,000. I have paid over $100,000 into this home and now stand to lose everything. I called my congressman, they ignore him and proceed. My congressman cannot force them to modify my loan. Attorney doesn’t know if the trustee of the Court will allow me to keep my home. Trying to get my son qualified to step in and buy my home at a reasonable but likely short sale pricing. But certainly more than what they would get at foreclosure. Oh not, wait, that’s right, they get paid twice!! I call them and tell them I want to save my home and don’t understand why they want my home. But I do understand. They need to give their CEO another $17 million bonus! If anyone knows of a class action suit I can join, please let me know. I am in Washington state.

  30. I have been through an identical nightmare with Chase and now with a new twist over a mysterious impound account that came out of nowhere!!

    • Chase has now ” recast my loan that originally was a Bear Stearns loan” so my balance has gone from an original $284,000 to $327,800 and change and my payment has gone up $1,000 per month which I can in no way afford.. Not to mention, my 4 year old home which I paid $355,500 to have built in 2006 was declared UNINHABITABLE by a structural engineer in January 2011 due to structural defects, not being built to code and MOLD CONTAMINATION which has been causing me all kinds of health issues because I am asthmatic.. So, I am fighting the builder for not doing his job, the county for not doing inspections on my home while it was being constructed AND JP Morgan Chase for putting me in 2 trial payment plans without completing a loan mod.

  31. I just stumbled on this and as I’m ready nodding my head at EVERYTHING I’m so happy I’m not alone. It really stinks Chase has burned so many they’re supposed to “help.” I had many of the same phone calls as Martha, requests and my documentation is the same. I even tried contacting David Lowman back in 09 to no avail. I’ve been trying to get my mortgage resolved for three years and they’re still screwing things up, putting me off and not allowing me to close this issue! Now he’s gone – anyone have a new contact??

  32. I also was looking for a way to contact someone higher up on the ladder to discuss this very problem, but it looks like that won’t work either. I’ve been trying to get a loan mod since 2010 and am having the same problems every one else has identified here on this forum. When I called Senator Grassely’s office in IA, I found out he was no longer on this committee and his spokes person said she never heard of anyone getting a loan mod and she couldn’t help me, but rather suggested I get an attorney. If I could afford an attorney, then I probably wouldn’t need a loan mod. I’m at my wits end and just received a forclosure notice today all the while they still have my lastest loan mod pkg papers (41 pages of it) that was sent in 8/8/11 and still no word about where that is except I know they received it. Can’t get ahold of the relationship person either to find out what is going on. I’m thoroughly disgusted and depressed. They always assure you they want to keep you in the home, but do nothing to help you out.
    Just heard on the news that some of these lenders are selling these foreclosed properties to the government so now we taxpayers are now going to be landlords to who ????? This is crazy!

  33. I received a loan MOD and Chase signed off and sent a 1099 in November of 2010 which was included on our tax returns and I have letter stating they completed and signed off and 1099’d. They have now reversedthe MOD. The different departments are not in the same page and all give conflicting info. I have had the OCC and my Congressman involved.They cannot belive what Chase is trying to get away with also. I haev been in my house for 19 years and made payments on time. No one talks to each other. When you think you are getting close they transfer to another case worker. How can they reverse something they already reported to the IRS and was included in tax returns? I was looking for someone to contact above all these depts. They are not communicating. If anyone has had luck or advice please contact me.

    • In the same boat as all of you! What do we need to do for a class action suit?

      • I have been trying to get a loan mod for over 3 years now.. I finally quit making payments in Jan. 2011 when a structural engineer declared my 4 year old home “uninhabitable” due to structural defects and mold contamination which I found out from a specialist I was hyper-sensitive to and was the cause of a lot of breathing and headache and anxiety and fatigue issues I had been experiencing.. I have just moved out of my home that I had built in late 2006 and paid $355,500 for to preserve my health since the doctor said continuing to breathe the mold would kill me since I am asthmatic…
        Chase has been notified of this but they seem not to care.. They have now given me a new Account # and lowered my interest rate but they have jacked my loan balance and it is more than $100,000 higher than what my home is possibly worth NOT mold contaminated. I give up! Don’t think I want to own a home again!

  34. We lost our home of 14 years to Chase after going through many of the same things that I see some here have. We tried complying with all their requests for documents and being transferred through their different departments. Even while we were doing so, we were notified that our home was being forclosed on. We were hit hard during the recession and have not lived in that house for 1 1/2 years. But the county is still holding us responsible for delinquent taxes because Chase has not updated the information there. We are also receiving code violation notifications from the city for their negligence in maintaining the property.

  35. We were also behind four months so they set up a repayment plan for us. I made that payment, then today (one week Later) a letter from a lawyer was in the mail box that our house was in foreclosure. I called Chase and they told me that I had never made that payment and there was no record of it at all and so they canceled our re payment plan. Well I have a bank statement that says different, so I had to spend my time going to the bank and getting that signed and faxed to them so that they can “see if we can locate it”, so meanwhile I am sitting here in limbo. We did try for a modification and made the payment every month and also asked every time if they needed anything, it was always the same story: “Nope we have everything” Well then the letter came in the mail saying that we were denied because they did not have current paper from us…WTH. These people are heartless. I am usually nice and calm with them on the phone, but not today I let it all out. My only hope is that the tax return will pay what we are behind in and we can move forward. Good luck to you all I feel your pain.

  36. Everything that I read looks as if it would have been written by me!
    It is frustrating and truely apalling to deal with this bank. They truly harass and mock each and every one of their customers. They have armed guards at the “Customer mortgage centers”. I wonder why?

  37. My home is over $100,000 under water, that is , if it were liveable.. It was declared uninhabitable by a structural engineer in Jan. 2011 due to code violations and severe mold contamination (it was 4 years old). I was told by an allergist that if I continued to live in my home that I paid top dollar for, I would die.. So, I have moved out, paying $400 more in rent than my mortgage and tried to get Chase to get involved in a law suit against the builder since they have a $327,000 plus mortgage on it… Even faxed info to thier “so called” local attorney.. NOTHING!!!

  38. I have been running in the Chase hamster wheel since Nov 2011. It is now Nov 2012. What a nightmare! I have spent so much time sending in package after package, updating documents, sending in “lost documents” bank statements, pay stubs, tax forms, etc. I have been switched from one case manager to another. Can’t get s straight answer from anyone. Yesterday I got a phone call telling me I was approved for some crazy deal. They said for the next 3 months not to make any payments. So Dec, Jan, and Feb pay nothing. This 3 months is supposed to allow me to pay off other debts. Then comes the kicker ~ on the 4th month, March, I will owe them $4,655, which is the payments for Dec, Jan, Feb, and Mar. I had to ask the lady to repeat that because I thought I must have heard her wrong! What kind of crazy offer is that? I asked her how in the world was I supposed to come up with $4,655 if I am having trouble makeing one single monthly payment. I told her she has seen my bank statements and knows that I don’t have money in the bank. Then I asked her what kind of loan modification is this?? She said it isn’t a loan mod, it is assistance. She said that we are applying for assistance, not a modification. That’s funny because my paperwork says Application for Loan Modification. What a scam! I don’t think anyone has ever actually been approved for a loan mod from Chase. After reading all of the posts here I am now afraid they are going to try to take my house away! Isn’t it funny how every time I talk to someone they say that Chase will do everything in their power to keep us in our home and that their goal is to make the payments affordable. I am going to contact someone, I don’t know who, but there has to be someone out there who knows how to get something done about this. I thought I was the only one having these problems

  39. chase bank has the brains of cockroach i have nothing but problems with them since we tried refinance 2013 wrong tax no for parking space they 2000.00 every 6 months in escrow and my taxes are 350.00 every 6 months and higher i go up the latter the less common sense they have or brains no body in chicago 4000.00 for a parking space not even at trump towers

  40. Did anyone, anywhere,ever get a response to these concerns?

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