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Springboard credit.org Nonprofit Consumer Credit Management

The Wall Street Journal reporter was working on many facets of the “worse off” story, including speaking with a representative of the Springboard credit.org Nonprofit Consumer Credit Management organization for a perspective on the situation. They offered to help me try to work something out with Chase and I jumped at the chance. I was devastated by the “negative net present value” comment Chase provided and while I’d received nothing in writing about it, the state of affairs seemed dire. Why hadn’t Chase communicated they would prefer to foreclose rather than modify my loan from the get-go? Why string me along for over thirteen months? It simply made no sense. How could anyone make an informed decision without timely and clear answers?

I would take help from anyone with something to offer, and while I’d been working with a credit counselor at CCCSDV.org, perhaps the folks at Springboard www.credit.org could help. It was free, they were offering to help; Springboard had professionals who specialized in home loan modifications and I needed all the help I could get – I went for it.


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