Chase home loan modification new processes mean…

May 6, 2010, 1:49 pm: Called Natalia Carrillo at Chase (800) 848-9380 ext. 382-3158. It had been a week since my financial interview with Loss Mitigation Solicitor Bailey; Natalia had referenced “new processes” so I was eager to learn more. My call was taken by Customer Care Professional Jack who confirmed my contact information and reinforced the fact that Chase was attempting to collect a debt. I asked to speak with Natalia Carrillo and Jack transferred me but the outbound message was clipped. I missed the beginning and while it did not replay, I’d heard the part that said to “leave a message, press 1; otherwise, stay on the line”. I stayed on the line only to reach Brandon. I said I wanted to leave a message or speak with Natalia Carrillo and Brandon said he would transfer the call. I heard the same clipped outbound message so I pressed 1 to leave a voice mail for Natalia Carrillo. Her outbound message said to expect a call back in 24-48 hours. I certainly hoped a timely call back was part of the new processes at Chase since my track record on callbacks was holding steady at slim and none.


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