Looking for a Loan…and a Job

I rented the house again, took in paying guests when I could, kicked into high gear on freelance work, scrambled to do more yard sales and flea markets and tried to create new employment opportunities when there were none to be had. There were some promising senior-level job leads and even a few phone interviews but each ended prematurely. “The position has been put on hold.” “They’ve decided to go with an incumbent.” “A board member is going to take on the role.” “They met someone outside the recruiting process and fell in love with them.” I could see that executive recruiters weren’t making much money either. A friend ran a spreadsheet calculating my savings and my income to the penny and I saw very clearly that February 2010 would be the last Chase loan mortgage payment I could make in full – my savings would be depleted. I had to figure out how to make this all work.


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